No more Yahoos here

January 10, 2017 in

The Yahoo brand has been with us since the last century but is set to disappear from the online landscape when Verizon completes its acquisition of the Silicon Valley denizen. Instead we will get the anodyne name of Altaba, most likely created as a nod to leading shareholder Alibaba.

Not quite as snappy at Yahoo, but then again, that name apparently had little to do with those Yahoos of Gulliver’s Travels fame – and which came to mean rude, noisy people – but was an acronym for ‘yet another hierarchical officious oracle’, a description of how the Yahoo database was structured.

However, the Yahoo brand may yet survive if the Verizon deal ends up being scuppered after the online firm last year revealed two huge data breaches, involving 500 million customer accounts and more than 1 billion, respectively.

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