UK TV goes handheld

March 12, 2012 in -e.showcase

bbc-iplayerThe UK population consumes its media on a wider variety of platforms than ever before, and the ability to move music, television shows, podcasts and movies to any device and platform is their most desired new innovation, says the State Of The Media Democracy research conducted by Deloitte.

One quarter of those questioned wanted to be able to buy and download magazines, newspapers and books to any device they own, and nearly 30% wanted to store or back-up all of their media to the cloud.

The TV remains enduringly popular in the UK, but in London it has fallen outside the top three most popular devices – the laptop is the favourite – which illustrative of a broader characteristic of the capital’s media consumers’ preferences for handheld devices, due to the amount of time they spend commuting.

“Laptops have always been a favourite device but, with the growth in availability of streamed and downloadable TV and radio, there is now no form of entertainment that cannot be enjoyed or created on a laptop wherever it is carried to, be that a living room, coffee shop or holiday abroad,” says Mark Lee-Amies, Deloitte media partner. “Their popularity reflects the fact consumers now demand their entertainment from many sources and in many locations.”

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