Riches beyond Silicon

February 16, 2017 in technology

UK software engineer salaries are among the lowest in the world – and even when factoring in cost of living, London tech workers make 25% less than their counterparts in San Francisco, and are down 30% than those toiling away in New York. In addition, over one-quarter of candidates receiving offers from UK companies come from outside that market, and the average relocation offer is 28% above than that of local British engineers, according to the 2017 State of Global Tech Salaries report from Hired.

The average London salary comes in at $104k a year, which just beats Paris pay at $98k Also outside of the US, engineers can pick up $90k in Singapore, while those Aussies working out of Sydney and Melbourne get average $121k and $150k, respectively. In North America, the best salary is to be had in Austin at $198k, while New York comes in at $133k, and the San Francisco Bay Area at $134K.

“For decades, Silicon Valley has been the epicentre of the tech industry, but the rise of new technology and innovation hubs across the US and the world 
are challenging the Bay Area’s reign,” says the report. “Our analysis shows it’s a great time for tech workers to consider a role outside Silicon Valley. Whether looking to stretch their salaries or to be a part of a growing tech hub, companies across the globe are ready and willing to do what it takes to bring great candidates to their markets.”

The data reveals that higher salaries await candidates willing to move to a new city. In nearly every market, companies offer more money to those who are relocating than to local candidates. This is particularly true of European, Canadian and Asian markets, where non-local candidates can earn up to 57% more than local candidates.

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