Twitter, Facebook dominate brand social media

January 24, 2011 in

econsultancySome 40% of the 800 client-side marketers/PR & communications pros surveyed for The Social Media and Online PR Report 2010, from Econsultancy/bigmouthmedia, said they had ‘experimented with social media but have not done much’, while over a third said they have done an ‘average amount’. Just under one fifth of companies reported that they were heavily involved in social media’.

Some 56% of companies are using social network profile creation and management as part of their social media strategy, while almost half of respondents admitted to not have any internal policies or guidelines in place for social media activities

And which platforms do these companies use? Well, Twitter and Facebook were the most popular sites, ahead of YouTube, LinkedIn and Wikipedia (see below). Activists typically favoured Twitter over Facebook for brand monitoring and reacting to customer issues, while more than two-thirds used Facebook as a marketing channel.

And measurement? The majority of respondents said they were in the very early stages of testing various buzz monitoring platforms and discovering their capabilities.

Paid-for buzz monitoring technology is perceived to provide valuable insights and help companies identify the most successful social media campaigns, says the report.


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