Tracking that digital reputation

September 26, 2011 in

Picture 3By Maria Stadtmueller. TNS has launched its TRI*M Digital Reputation Manager service aimed at helping brands understand digital reputation drivers and to tailor their communications. The tools identify online themes and sentiments, evaluate actions and provide precise recommendations on engagement strategies.

“Consumer engagement with social media has led to a massive change in the way companies need to manage their corporate reputation to maximise the opportunity to drive advocacy and supportive stakeholder behaviour,” says Peter Pirner, global director of stakeholder management. “We developed TRI*M Digital Reputation Manager to help companies cut through the noise of online conversations to understand the exact topics and engagement strategies that really will support business objectives.”

Also in the social media monitoring mix, Buddy Media has launched ConversionBuddy to help clients identify key brand advocates, discover how products and content travel across multiple social networks, and to build understanding of how social marketing drives traffic, sales and other conversions.

Buddy Media has also revamped its website, which features a library of free social content and media resources for brands and agencies.

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