Not peak podcast... yet

Not peak podcast... yet

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So, why are people listening to podcasts? Around the world, it’s a lot to do with staying updated about topics of personal interest and also about learning something new, as well as filling up empty time or simply using them as a break from music, according to the latest Reuters Digital News Report.

The average length of podcasts – between 20 and 40 minutes – is pretty much to do with the time taken on the average commute. This is particularly true for the news industry where in the UK the Guardian’s Daily News podcast Today in Focus gets much of its listening during the morning rush hour. And Post Reports from the Washington Post is timed for the evening commute. US consumers are far more likely to listen in the car, where they spend more time generally, while Europeans are more likely to listen on public transport.

But watch out radio.

“Podcasts are bringing fresh voices and production techniques to a medium that has changed little in a generation,” says the report. “Low barriers to entry, combined with high levels of creativity, are shaking the foundations of the radio industry.”

Reuters adds that business models are still emerging and that we are a long way from reaching ‘peak podcast’.

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