Gimme that 4-day week

More than half of European workers would prefer to work a four-day week – many would rather work four longer days and earn the same salary, while more than one in 10 would prefer a four-day week of standard-length days at a reduced salary, according to The Workforce View in Europe 2019 report from ADP.

Currently, close to two thirds of survey respondents work unpaid overtime, amounting to almost five hours each week on average. And one in eight report working more than 10 hours per week for free, rising to more than 20% in the UK.

Other concerns relate to technological innovation and to Brexit. Over half of European workers are anticipating significant changes in the workplace due to automation, while one fifth are worried about Brexit. Unsurprisingly, close to half of British employees are concerned about Brexit, as are 26% and 23% of their Italian and Spanish counterparts, respectively.

According to ADP, Brexit has brought widespread uncertainty to workplaces across the region, as organisations try to prepare for possible implications.

Voting goes back to paper

Robo-advice – don't bank on it

Robo-advice – don't bank on it