A blue sky Brexit

A blue sky Brexit

blue sky brexit.png

There is no available technology that can provide a post Brexit invisible border between the UK and Ireland, according to a new parliamentary report. That’s despite claims to the contrary by the government which has yet to propose a solution to the Irish border problem.

“We heard numerous proposals for how regulatory and customs compliance measures could be enacted away from the border using tools such as joint policing, mobile patrols, risk analysis, cameras and digital customs declarations,” says the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee

“We have, however, had no visibility of any technical solutions, anywhere in the world, beyond the aspirational, that would remove the need for physical infrastructure at the border.”

“The government’s proposals for technical solutions represent blue sky thinking, but it will not have time to implement anything substantial before withdrawal day,” says the committee’s report.

Maybe the government will listen this time round. Last year, the Institute for Government reported that the UK government is leaning on outmoded technological solutions to help it after Brexit.

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