Innovation for the bees

Innovation for the bees


The UK’s top agtech innovators? Among the leading lights is KisanHub which is busy in the field of crop intelligence, as well as aiming to improve the link between growers and those who buy their produce, according to Beauhurst.

Arnia is busying itself with bees and has come up with a device to monitor conditions in the apiary – think brood temperature, humidity, hive weight – with data accessed via any connected device. Users can also join Arnia’s global community of beekeepers, bee scientists and bee enthusiasts to gain new insights into bee behaviour.

Beyond the buzz, 3F Bio has developed a method of converting waste plant starch into edible mycoprotein (the same protein in Quorn). The process is far more efficient than the regular method of rearing livestock, while enabling the conversion of large amounts of agricultural waste into food.

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