Creatives against Brexit

The Creative Industries Federation is asking UK political leaders to support a second Brexit referendum. The federation, which represents the country’s creative organisations, says the threat of a no-deal Brexit has become a reality and that steps must be taken to avoid this outcome.

“The creative industries are the fastest growing part of the UK’s economy,” says Alan Bishop, CIF chief executive. “They contribute over £100bn in GVA and employ 1 in 11 people. The free movement of goods, services, capital and people have underpinned the sector’s success and our ability to attract talent, tour freely, and trade on our doorstep is vital to the ongoing success of the creative industries and to the UK as a whole.”

The federation says 40% of the UK’s creative industries believe a no-deal scenario would harm their ability to export, while one-fifth would consider moving all or part of their businesses abroad.

An incredible shrinking Brexit

An incredible shrinking Brexit

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