VW goes mass electric

vw electric.png

VW is set to launch its first mass market electric car as soon as next year. The vehicle will be based on what was formerly the company’s ID Concept and is now known as the Neo.

VW, which is late to the EV market thanks to its diesel dependency, promises bullishly that the car will be ‘as revolutionary as the Beetle was seven decades ago’.

The cheapest EV will likely carry a $30,000 price tag while the vehicle range is expected to be between 400kms and 600kms, with the entry level model capable of some 330kms.

The name Neo will not make it to the showroom.

There’s also movement in the luxury vehicle segment. US-based charging operator Electrify America, backed by VW, is building a network of 500 charging sites and has just cut a deal with luxury electric car maker Lucid to offer high-speed charging. Lucid is aiming to produce an upscale EV in 2020 to go head-to-head with Tesla.

e-Overview: VW is finally making concrete EV moves but it’s taken a while to ease off those electric breaks. Just a few months ago the company was still talking up a ‘diesel future’ but maybe its diesel scandal travails along with anti-trust troubles has focused executive minds. Interestingly, the group’s Porsche unit announced earlier this week that it plans to stop making diesel cars, while also developing a fully-electric luxury vehicle.

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