Spotify's new wave of content

Spotify's new wave of content


Instagram’s recent launch of its IGTV long-form video service comes at a pivotal point, with viewers turning away from traditional television in favour of digital content, says JWT Intelligence.

The move follows the rapid growth of Instagram Stories, with its 250m daily users. “Going head to head with YouTube, IGTV allows users to upload [one hour-long videos] hosted alongside celebrity-shared content,” JWT Intelligence points out.

Jaden Smith last week became the first musician to release an album on Instagram following the launch of IGTV.

And Spotify earlier this year unveiled Spotify Spotlight, which integrates video content into podcasts alongside audio. Courtney Holt, the company’s head of studios and video, says the platform provides “a new format that merges great storytelling, news, information and opinion with visual elements”.

He adds, “I know people are coming to Spotify to listen first, but we’re starting to build something new. I want to create content that can be seen and listened to.’’

Spotify is introducing original podcasts, most notably Amy Schumer’s 3 Girls, 1 Keith, which launched at the end of June.

The streamer had an estimated 83m paid-up subscribers at mid-2018.

Instagram and Spotify – along with Apple Music and YouTube – are “launching a new wave of creative video and audio entertainment formats, reimagining the streaming experience,” says JWT Intelligence.

These podcasts, brand-curated playlists, audioplays and audiobooks, live, programmed and user-generated video content, and a multitude of tie-ups, “reflect the increasingly blurred lines between editorial, branded, original entertainment, and consumer-generated content”.

Image: JWT Intelligence

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