Fear of Facebook

Around three quarters of US Facebook users don’t know that the social network tracks their traits and interests in order to deliver targeted advertising. And once they are made aware of their ad preferences, while three fifths say they reflect their interests, more than one quarter believe they do not, according to Pew Internet.

In addition, about half of users say they are not very or not at all comfortable with Facebook creating lists about their interests and traits.

It is common for Facebook to assign political labels to its users. Among users who are assigned a label on their political views, close to three-quarters say the listing accurately describes their views. However, 27% of those given political classifications by Facebook say that label is not very or not at all accurate.

Fast fact: Facebook users are unable to stop their data being used for targeted advertising, according to a recent study. In fact, the social network merely creates a mere illusion of control over location-related ads, according to computer science researchers at USC.

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