Pushing EVs

Pushing EVs


Deutsche Post DHL, HP, Ikea and Unilever are among the first 10 companies to sign up to the EV100 initiative developed by The Climate Group to help make electric vehicles the norm by 2030. Those joining the project need make a number of commitments, including a pledge to integrate EVs directly into corporate fleets by promising that all vehicles under 3.5t are EVs by 2030.

“Transport is still the fastest growing area of carbon emissions, as the shift to electric vehicles is not happening fast enough; and mass system change, even with government intervention, needs much greater customer demand, says Helen Clarkson, CEO, The Climate Group. “EV100 will use companies’ collective global buying power and influence on employees and customers to build demand and cut costs.”

The organisation believes that setting out their future EV purchasing requirements on an ambitions timescale, these big purchasers can drive mass roll-out, reduce costs, and make electric cars more rapidly affordable for everyone.

Deutsche Post DHL as acquired its own vehicle maker. StreetScooter, to supply specialised postal vans for its delivery operations. Last month, the company and Ford unveiled their first joint vehicle in the shape of the StreetScooter Work XL electric van, a scale-up of the German firm’s StreetScooter unit’s in-house vehicle.

Image: The Climate Group



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