The very aware wearables

Forget wearables, here come the awareables. Over 40% of consumers think smartphones will soon be able understand them better than their friends, while six in 10 think devices that sense and react to our moods will be mainstream in just three years’ time, according to the Consumer Trends Report 2010 from Ericsson Lab.

That means devices will start reacting to situations rather than to mere commands. “Imagine that you told your smart speaker a secret and wanted it to be discreet,” posits Ericsson Lab. “Fifty-six percent of virtual assistant users want a smart speaker that lowers its voice in such a situation.”

And smartwatch wearers want devices that block notifications when it understands they’re busy. Forty-seven percent even want an app that fact-checks a social media post just by noticing a surprised look on your face.

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Ads for Uber gigs

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