Facebook's policing falls down

Facebook's policing falls down

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Facebook has taken down Police Lives Matter pages after it was discovered that it was part of a network of pro-police pages based out of Kosovo. The pages, exploited by the right-wing backlash against the US Black Lives Matter movement, had more 170,000 fans and had viral content reaching more Facebook users than some of the largest media outlets, according to Popular Information, which unearthed the Kosovo link.

 The pages used “blatant misinformation to provoke an emotional response from Facebook users”, says Popular Information, including one incident exploiting a police officer's death to drive shares and likes. This tactic is used repeatedly throughout the network.

Popular Information alerted Facebook to the Kosovo-based network and its practices on the morning of September 27. A few hours later, Facebook took down every page flagged.

 “[We] are doing the doing the work that Facebook, a $500 billion company, is unwilling or unable to do,” the organisation says.


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