London into overbuild

London into overbuild

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London could alleviate its housing crisis by building over its rail and tube lines. Development of the capital’s most viable overbuild sites could give the city more than 250,000 new homes, according to the Out of Thin Air: One Year On study from engineering outfit WSP.

The engineering outfit points to a number of advantages of an overbuild strategy as they

Require no new land or major demolition

Offer residents greater mobility, placing them close to rail and/or tube stations

Promote the ridership of public transport and cut car use, helping to reduce emissions and improve air quality

Can better knit stations and infrastructure into the surrounding urban fabric, improving the public realm and creating safer, more pedestrian-friendly environments

Offer a sustainable solution to urban development 

“At present, London is failing to make the most of the opportunities waiting in the spaces above its railways – not simply to put roofs over Londoners’ heads but to provide homes in well-connected locations, close to existing stations, shops and amenities, not in far-flung suburbs where cars are a must,” says WSP.

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