Adieu, smartphone

The French Commission d'enrichissement de la langue française is advising francophones to deploy the phrase ‘mobile multifonction’ instead of the foreign import ‘smartphone’. This is not the first time the commission has attempted to usurp ‘smartphone’, having tried unsuccessfully with the odd ‘ordiphone’ and unwieldy ‘terminal de poche’ on previous occasions.

‘Mobile multifonction’ isn’t alone among the gallic neologisms in the latest edition of the venerable Journal Officiel. Also recommended is ‘televiseur connecté’ in lieu of ‘smart TV’, while ‘neutralité de l'internet’ really should be uttered instead of the dreaded ‘net neutrality’.

By the way, if you’re an aficionado of retro websites, you should head to the online version of the Journal Officiel. Un design extraordinaire…

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Drones as edibles

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