Robots in the crowd

Robots in the crowd


The UK has a new equity crowdfunding service dedicated to UK start-ups moving and shaking in the robotics space. The Britbots Crowd platform has been launched by robotics mentoring outfit High Growth Robotics, which is claiming a world-first for the crowdfunding initiative.

Each of the companies listed on the platform will accept a minimum investment amount of £200 to attract mainstream investors. They will benefit from “active mentoring and business development support from Britbots, raising the likelihood of delivering attractive downstream returns to investors,” according to Britbot.

Among the companies listing on the platform in the coming weeks are:

Zoa Robotics, a developer of a low-cost robotics platform to transport materials around uneven environments using four-legged robots

Tethered Drone Technologies, a provider of autonomous tethered drone systems, flying near-continuously for use in surveillance and communications

Future Technology Resources, a developer of tools to help teachers teach computer programming in a practical and fun way.

Last December, High Growth Robotics launched the British Robotics Seed Fund to support seed-stage firms. The fund, which raised over £500,000, will invest in up to 12 robotics start-ups a year across a range of sectors including, construction, logistics, agriculture and domestic robots. The financing vehicle is open to professional or sophisticated investors with a minimum of £10,000 to invest.

On the workfront, two-thirds of employees in the UK, Germany and the US are comfortable with the idea of robots, and confidently believe that their jobs demand human capabilities that tech solutions will simple never be able to usurp.

Image: High Growth Robotics

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