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Sidewalk talk

15 December 2016 in technology

Smart CityGoogle wants to ‘accelerate urban innovation’ to build a very smart city. That means total connectivity, social networks, sensing, artificial intelligence and machine learning, along with new design and fabrication technologies. The impact of these innovations will be as profound as the steam engine, the electric grid, and the automobile, the three previous technological revolutions that have largely defined the modern city, says Daniel L Doctoroff, CEO of Google’s Sidewalk Labs.

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AI in the music mix

25 November 2016 in Music

AI musicArtificial intelligence is set to transform how music is created, discovered, shared and enjoyed, while algorithms are beginning to influence the composition of music as artists embrace the tech to enhance their own creativity, says UK music association the BPI. And, according to the Music’s Smart Future: How will Artificial Intelligence impact the Music Industry? report from the BPI/MusicAlly, music’s DNA is now closely entwined with technology with record labels already exploring how AI can help bring artists and fans closer together.

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Spotify gets in ads mood

17 November 2016 in Music

Spotify dataMusic streamer Spotify has joined forces with leading communications group WPP to launch a ‘global data partnership’ to collaborate on insights, creative content, technology, innovation, programmatic solutions, and new growth markets. WPP says the deal will give its agencies around the world ‘unrivalled insights for making impactful brand connections’ with hard-to-reach millennial and Generation-Z consumers.

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Making metros smart

14 November 2016 in technology

smart cityData matters to the smart city, as does sharing it – and the expectation is that third parties may be better able to exploit the data than the city could itself, according to the Smart City Playbook from Nokia/Machina. And it’s the Internet of Things which will deliver much of it, with vehicles, buildings and other infrastructure embedded with electronics, software, sensors and actuators collecting and exchanging data.

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Here now for traffic data

28 September 2016 in transport

Here trafic dataDigital maps outfit Here – formerly a Nokia unit but now owned by Audi, BMW, Audi and Daimler – is rolling out a real-time traffic information based on crowdsourced data collected from car manufacturers’ vehicles. That means regular updates on the road environment to provide drivers with insights on the likes of upcoming road hazards and parking space availability in cities.

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Taking data immersive

28 July 2016 in Innovation

Big dataThomson Reuters is partnering with Imperial College London on a collaborative research project aimed at boosting fintech innovation with the use of Big Data. Thomson Reuters will deliver financial market data along with data management and machine-learning nous to Imperial’s KPMG Data Observatory, a data visualisation studio housed at the university’s Data Science Institute.

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UK’s data deficit

12 July 2016 in Innovation

UK dataThe UK is lagging behind other major economies in using data as part of daily business operations. Fewer then one-third of UK organisations classify themselves as highly data-driven, which compares poorly to the US (45%) and China (53%), according to PwC’s 2016 Big Decisions Survey. In fact, UK outfits report data and analytics to be the second-most-important factor in decision-making, just behind experience and intuition, while they also rely heavily on external advice.

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Six start-ups get data opportunity

8 March 2016 in Innovation

London City AirportInnovate UK has given six start-ups emerging from the IC tomorrow Intelligent Data Insights contest the opportunity to work with leading firms to develop prototypes to deal with a number of data challenges. IBM, Carnival Corporation, London City Airport, the Office for National Statistics, Barclays, NMP and bathstore will offer mentoring and promotion opportunities to the start-ups to assist the entrepreneurs in bringing their solutions to market.

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Tech against Trump

6 February 2017 in technology

A grouping of some US tech firms including the likes of Apple, Facebook, Google, Intel, Microsoft and Twitter have filed a joint legal brief opposing President Trump’s immigration ban

Now in bed with Birkenstocks

26 January 2017 in -e.showcase

German shoe firm Birkenstock is extending its business out of orthopaedic sandals and heading for the bedroom – cue a brand new range of six bed styles.

Tackling Fakebook

20 January 2017 in Social

The German government is drafting regulation that would require Facebook and other online networks to tackle fake news.

No more Yahoos here

10 January 2017 in

The Yahoo brand has been with us since the last century but is set to disappear from the online landscape when Verizon completes its acquisition of the Silicon Valley denizen

Non à Steve

15 December 2016 in technology

Paris Left attacks tech hub plans to name street after Steve Jobs.

Green it

9 December 2016 in -e.showcase

Greenery is the name of Pantone’s 2017 colour of the year. Or 15-0343 if you want to get technical.

Time-charged, wearable

21 November 2016 in technology

Look out for a smartwatch that powers up on body heat, which could well be one the first wearable devices that never needs a recharge.

Gimme drone, VR

18 November 2016 in technology

US consumers are set to purchase 1.2 million drones, 700,000 virtual reality headsets and 4.5 million 4K UHF TVs during the course of the fourth-quarter holiday season

Brexit slams UK fintech funding

17 November 2016 in Finance

Thirty UK-based fintech start-ups have had their funding cancelled or delayed by investors since the Brexit vote in June, giving them serious cashflow headaches.

alt-right tweets terminated

17 November 2016 in

Twitter has suspended a number of accounts associated with the US alt-right (aka right-wing extremist/white supremacist) movement backing Donald Trump.