Valley ahoy

July 16, 2013 in -e.showcase

blueseedWhat do those libertarian Silicon Valley types have lined up for the world now? Blueseed, that’s what. It’s a start-up community on a ship, a Googleplex of the oceans. Blueseed will float 12 nautical miles off the coast of San Francisco, which will put it – crucially  – in international waters. Why should it be done? “Because innovation is awesome,” says Blueseed. “The world’s best entrepreneurs should be able to gather and collaborate in one place, and not be limited by antiquated work visa restrictions.”

The venture snagged an initial $350,000 in cash last year and is currently looking for investors to stump up the $27 million required to set sail.

Is Blueseed elitist? Of course it is. “Who is it for? The boldest, brightest, and most talented tech entrepreneurs from around the world. Plus the individuals and organisations that support and invest in them.”

Blueseed will be oh-so-environmentally aware, naturally. The shop will serve only locally-caught seafood dishes, a “locavore’s sustainable paradise”. And à la Googleplex, there will be many entertainment opportunities aboard, include a pool, saunas, waterslides, bars… and water sports in the ocean. “Of these, the most popular are shark taming and manatee riding (otherwise illegal in Florida).”

Ahoy there, you free-living start-ups!

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