London gets mobile car charging

London gets mobile car charging

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Zipcar is trialling mobile charging for its electric vehicle fleet in London. The car sharing outfit plans to examine the advantages for mobile and wireless technology over fixed charging stations – the latter have high installation costs and require electrical upgrades to support the connection between charging stations and the power grid.

Zipcar will conduct the trial using FreeWire’s mobile EV charging tech in partnership with energy company Centrica and Westminster City Council.

“Around 40% of the UK’s homes have no access to off-street parking, so it’s essential that we find cost-effective alternatives to home charging that will meet the growing demands of existing and future EV drivers,” says Jonathan Tudor, technology strategy and innovation director for Centrica Innovations.

Centrica itself owns one of the UK’s largest commercial fleets and has ambitions to electrify the 12,000 vans used by its team of engineers.

Volvo recently acquired a stake in FreeWire. The car maker wants fully electric cars to account for half of its global sales in 2025.

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