Electric dumped


The world’s biggest electric vehicle? That would be a converted Komatsu dumper truck slated for operation by Ciments Vigier SA on the slopes of the Chasseral mountain in Switzerland.

Swiss outfits Lithium Storage and Kuhn Schweiz took out the Komatsu 605-7 diesel’s engine and replaced it with a 590kW electric motor powered by a huge 700 kWh nickel manganese cobalt battery unit which comes in at 4.5t. The truck will also generate 800 kWh of energy capacity via regenerative braking as it descends the walls of the quarry.

“Nickel manganese cobalt cells are also the choice of the German automobile industry when it comes to the next generation of electric cars,” says the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science & Technology (EMPA) which is overseeing the project.

Image: EMPA


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