Daimler makes trucks autonomous

Daimler makes trucks autonomous

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Daimler has launched its Autonomous Technology Group unit with the goal of putting advanced self-driving trucks onto roads within the next 10 years. The move follows a Daimler Trucks announcement earlier this year about planning to invest more than €500m in autonomous truck development.

A good chunk of the effort will be concentrated on the so-called vehicle project. In part this means working redundancy in the chassis to enable the vehicle's systems to take over the role of a professional driver while on the road. In addition, the vehicle project will cover automated driving sensor kit integration – think, camera, lidar, radar - to ensure that highly automated trucks can find their own way on the road.

Daimler Trucks claims it is the first manufacturer to put partially automated driving features into series production. Its system can already independently brake, accelerate and steer and make partially automated driving possible for the driver across all speed ranges.

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