California v Trump on emissions

The state of California is suing the Trump Administration for withholding data on its efforts to weaken vehicle emission regulations. The suit claims that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency have failed to comply with the California Air Resources Board’s Freedom of Information Act request filed last year.

CARB says that since unveiling measures that “arbitrarily roll back’ Obama-era clean air standards, the administration has repeatedly failed to comply with California’s information request. “And the reason is clear: They are unwilling to admit that the facts and analysis simply do not support their desired outcome,” states agency head Mary Nichols.

She adds, “The public has a right to see all the facts and analysis used to support a rollback that increases oil consumption, hurts consumers, and pumps more air pollution and hundreds of million tons of climate-changing gases into the atmosphere.”

The state of California says that if it were required to follow the federal rollback proposal, global warming emissions could increase by almost 15m metric tons per year by 2025.

Who will pay for podcasts?

Who will pay for podcasts?

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