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November 1, 2012 in -e.showcase

googleTop brand in the Global Brand Simplicity Index? That would be Google with a score of 891, ahead of McDonald’s (812) and Ikea (789), according to Siegel & Gale Global Brand Simplicity Index 2012 rankings. And what makes the search behemoth so simple? Well, Google, far and away the most popular web search engine, has ‘transcended brand’ to become a term synonymous with finding information online, says the report.

“With its iconic homepage and simple user interface, indispensable Google repeats as a winner of the Simplicity Index. The speed and effectiveness of search results creates an experience that, as one respondent put it, makes your day simpler, muffling protests around Google’s privacy policies and use of consumer data.”

McDonald’s is appreciated for its straightforward approach to fast-food that is being increasingly adapted to local market tastes, while Ikea demonstrates a strong commitment to accessibility online, in-store and post-purchase.

“Ikea has ambitious goals to apply its simple, distinctly Swedish vision to much more than furniture design, with plans to enter the hotel and city-planning spaces in the near future.”

Ikea is just one of four retail brands to make the top 10 (with C&A, Carrefour and Aldi), while media boasts two representatives (Google and Yahoo) as does electronics/appliances (Apple and Nokia).

Brands were evaluated by 6,000 people in seven countries based on a question related to the simplicity/complexity of products, services, interactions and communications in relation to industry peers. The score takes into consideration the consistency of responses, the difference between user and non-user perceptions and the simplicity score for the brand’s industry.

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