Google goes pop with Asia Hangouts

February 21, 2013 in

google_a_popbrand-m: Google has joined forces with Chinese, Korean and Japanese pop stars to promote the Google+ Hangout service via its A-Pop Star Week slated to start 8 March. The artists will answer audience questions via YouTube promotional videos or fans can post queries using Google+ hashtags.

Each C-Pop, K-Pop and J-Pop artist will select five people with the most creative questions to participate in personal Hangouts.

Google is also rolling out an A-Pop channel which will act as a hub for live-streaming concerts from Asian artists. It will also feature the latest videos from Asian pop artists and a playlist of the week’s Top 20. There are also individual tabs for K-Pop, C-Pop or J-Pop.

The channel line-up for the first week is:

March 8 SHINee (K-Pop)

March 9 Wang Leehom (C-Pop)

March 10 Super Junior (K-Pop)

March 11 Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (J-Pop)

March 12 flumpool (J-Pop)

March 13 2PM (K-Pop)

March 14 Mayday (C-Pop)

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