Gen Y’s way of retail

June 17, 2013 in -e.showcase

generation-y-retailGen Y takes shopping seriously, spending a lot of online time researching, looking at flash-sale promos, checking out what celebrities are wearing and then imagining how they would look in similar outfits, using Pinterest to share items with family members, and keeping up with food and fashion blogs. In fact, when asked how many hours they sit online checking out retail-oriented sites, 83% said they spend up to two hours every single day, according to Urban Land Institute’s Generation Y: Shopping & Entertainment in the Digital Age report.

Use of mobile devices to compare prices while shopping in a store is becoming more common among Gen-Y-ers, with 9% always doing this kind of price check and 18% doing it often, while another third sometimes use their phones for competitive price verification.

LUI’s data mesh with those from an online consumer survey conducted by Harris Interactive Service Bureau last September, found that 43% of smartphone and tablet owners had engaged in showrooming. In terms of products showroomed, half of respondents say home electronics, while 44% cite tech devices and 40% mention entertainment items

Gen-Y males are as active online shoppers as women, but genders interests differ. Men are more likely to buy electronic and computer equipment, sporting goods, and booze online, while women dominate purchases of children’s items, housewares, cosmetics, books, gifts, and clothing. Only 9% of both men and women purchased no goods whatsoever online in the six months before the survey.

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