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September 11, 2012 in

connected-tvViewers of short-form content and streaming TV shows on connected TV have a significant preference for advertising-supported models over subscription or pay-per-view, and audiences see ad-supported content as providing access to free, high-quality content, according to a new report, The Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How Of Connected TV & Advertising from YuMe and Frank N Magid Associates.

And close to 90% of connected TV users notice ads on the platform – particularly pre-roll – while the majority of those users have interacted with them, and nearly one-fifth of viewers have subsequently purchased a product as a result of an ad they have seen on smart TV.

“This study confirms that connected TV represents a tremendous advertising opportunity for brands looking to generate consumer awareness and meaningful interactions,” said Ed Haslam, svp of marketing, YuMe. “In particular, the growth of short-form video content, and the willingness, even interest, of consumers to view advertising to view the content, speaks volumes about the opportunity here

The report suggests connected TV consumers can be divided into four main groups:

Gamers represent the youngest set of connected TV users. They do not usually have children or high incomes, but they often own game consoles and enjoy using them to play online games and music. They also tend to shop for consumer electronics, as well as for clothing, apparel, and accessories.

Movie Fanatics are the oldest viewers. They own laptops and desktop computers, and most have Blu-Ray players. Favourite leisure activities include listening to music, going to the movies, entertaining at home, and renting films. Their top connected TV activity is streaming movies.

Entertainment Junkies’ top leisure activities include listening to music, cooking, dining out, and travelling. Top connected TV activities include streaming short videos and watching the news.

Trendsetters own smartphones and smart TVs. Their favourite leisure activities include listening to music and entertaining at home. They shop frequently for clothing, apparel, accessories, beauty and personal care products, and cars. Top connected TV activities include listening to streaming music and watching short videos.

The report says Connected TV is an alternative, user-directed way to watch TV shows and movies. Most viewers do this to relax when ‘there is nothing on TV’. They also rely on it to catch up on missed episodes of shows and watch a specific movie via a greater volume of channels at any given time.


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