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London gets wastED

1 February 2017 in -e.showcase

wastED London is going up on the roof over in Oxford Street. The food-waste-based pop-up will open at Selfridges rooftop space on 24 February for a run lasting until 2 April 2017. That means wastED will partner with local farmers, fishermen, suppliers and retailers to ‘reimagine’ by-products at every step of the food chain. And chief chef Dan Barber is prepared to share the burners with guest cooks from around Europe looking to put together their very own waste-based dishes for diners, writes Root Wilson*.

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Making Brexit a win-win for tech

27 January 2017 in -e.showcase

Market access and digital trade, access to skills and the free flow of data are the key areas of Brexit risk for the UK technology sector. That’s because British digital sectors are heavily integrated with global markets, with 20% of digital goods and services exported, according to The UK Digital Sectors After Brexit report from techUK and Frontier Economics.

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All stars at the Null Stern

9 January 2017 in -e.showcase

null-stern-hotelHotel guests looking to get very close to nature can check in at the Null Stern – No Star – Hotel which offers an open-air double bed in Teufen way up in the Swiss Alps. Food can be ordered via room service, and a public toilet is a mere 10 minutes away from the converted nuclear bunker. Business is brisk for outdoor sleeping and the SFr250-per-night bed is booked until end-2017, though there are plans to roll out the concept across the Swiss landscape.

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Act on fake

21 December 2016 in -e.showcase

Two-thirds of US adults say fabricated news stories cause a great deal of confusion around the basic facts of current issues and events. And almost half believe government/elected officials bear a lot deal of responsibility for preventing fake new stories from gaining traction, while 42% say this is the job of social networking sites and search engines. And 57% of Republican voters say made-up news causes a great deal of confusion, compared to 64% of Democrats, according to Pew Research Center.

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The image experience

12 December 2016 in -e.showcase

Rather than looking at an image, we are now in the image. And we’re not seeing but experiencing. Because, unlike photography, which offers a window onto another world, with 360° and virtual reality we are no longer passive viewers on the outside of the frame – we are intimately and viscerally immersed into an experience, and that often inspires us to take action, says Getty Images in its Creative in Focus report.

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Green it

9 December 2016 in -e.showcase

Greenery is the name of Pantone’s 2017 colour of the year. Or 15-0343 if you want to get technical.

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Start-up shortfalls

1 December 2016 in -e.showcase

startupsOver two-fifths of start-ups crash and burn because there’s no market need for their products and services, with founders out to build a solution looking for a problem rather than address an actual pain point, according to an analysis of start-up failures conducted by CB Insights. Running out of cash is the second-most-common reason for new outfits to go belly up, as firms struggled with the issue of how to spend those monies raised.

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Tech against Trump

6 February 2017 in technology

A grouping of some US tech firms including the likes of Apple, Facebook, Google, Intel, Microsoft and Twitter have filed a joint legal brief opposing President Trump’s immigration ban

Now in bed with Birkenstocks

26 January 2017 in -e.showcase

German shoe firm Birkenstock is extending its business out of orthopaedic sandals and heading for the bedroom – cue a brand new range of six bed styles.

Tackling Fakebook

20 January 2017 in Social

The German government is drafting regulation that would require Facebook and other online networks to tackle fake news.

No more Yahoos here

10 January 2017 in

The Yahoo brand has been with us since the last century but is set to disappear from the online landscape when Verizon completes its acquisition of the Silicon Valley denizen

Non à Steve

15 December 2016 in technology

Paris Left attacks tech hub plans to name street after Steve Jobs.

Green it

9 December 2016 in -e.showcase

Greenery is the name of Pantone’s 2017 colour of the year. Or 15-0343 if you want to get technical.

Time-charged, wearable

21 November 2016 in technology

Look out for a smartwatch that powers up on body heat, which could well be one the first wearable devices that never needs a recharge.

Gimme drone, VR

18 November 2016 in technology

US consumers are set to purchase 1.2 million drones, 700,000 virtual reality headsets and 4.5 million 4K UHF TVs during the course of the fourth-quarter holiday season

Brexit slams UK fintech funding

17 November 2016 in Finance

Thirty UK-based fintech start-ups have had their funding cancelled or delayed by investors since the Brexit vote in June, giving them serious cashflow headaches.

alt-right tweets terminated

17 November 2016 in

Twitter has suspended a number of accounts associated with the US alt-right (aka right-wing extremist/white supremacist) movement backing Donald Trump.