BlackBerry, Alicia keep on moving

February 22, 2013 in -e.showcase

blackberry_alicia_keysBlackBerry’s creative director Alicia Keys is taking Girl On Fire around the world and wants to connect with her fans in a raft of cities as part of the Keep Moving Project cultural influencer programme the mobile brand launched earlier this year. The artist is shooting videos for every location on her tour and wants user-generated photographic content for the clips. She’s looking to find out what makes people and the places they live on tick.

“What you love, those places you go, the food you can’t live without, the sounds, the smells and what makes you laugh. Express yourself and show Alicia what’s great about your city and you,” says BlackBerry.

Any photo chosen will appear in Alicia Keys’ on-stage video projection.

BlackBerry is also working with author Neil Gaiman on the Keep Moving Project and he is on the lookout for consumers’ art to illustrate his work. Gaiman is also being filmed as he works on the campaign, “offering a rare opportunity to see his creative process in action,” says the brand.

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