Pop Berlin

November 23, 2016 in technology

Berlin techThe city of Berlin is continuing its charm offensive to attract UK start-ups to the German capital in the post-Brexit-vote period and is this week hosting a pop-up lab featuring innovation, technology and the arts. The Soho-based showcase will be home to the centrepiece Startup meets Grownup interactive exhibition, which sees seven innovation-driven start-ups and 15 established Berlin firms demonstrating sustainable concepts – think, the BarDrones building inspection project, as well as Teufel and Basslet showing off Berlin’s immersive sounds.

There will be a focus on music, such as start-up Nagual Sounds Nagual Dance initiative creating individual music pieces solely from movement. And there’s food, with The Science Kitchen featuring science-inspired creations and more than a touch of the molecular (look out for a pop-up dinner with food from Berlin chef Florian Glauert

And there’s a Tech Breakfast Accelerator pitch where the accelerator programmes of four German companies – Axel Springer, Bayer, Deutsche Bahn and Metro – will pitch to UK start-ups.

“We wanted to show the residents, the start-ups and the creative businesses of London just what Berlin can offer,” says Stefan Franzke, CEO of Berlin Partner, the marketing organisation for the city. “We have so much innovation, creativity and development happening thanks to our diverse culture and cutting edge technology, we want to bring that to London to exchange ideas with like-minded people.”

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