The image experience

December 12, 2016 in -e.showcase

Rather than looking at an image, we are now in the image. And we’re not seeing but experiencing. Because, unlike photography, which offers a window onto another world, with 360° and virtual reality we are no longer passive viewers on the outside of the frame – we are intimately and viscerally immersed into an experience, and that often inspires us to take action, says Getty Images in its Creative in Focus report.

That’s in large part because instead of being presented with pre-meditated, formatted viewing, consumers can choose their own path, ‘navigating their way and making an experience wholly their own, says Getty.

And a huge amount social media usage is creating a global neighbourhood as citizens get instantaneous access to ideas, stories and developments from around the world. Some 2.3 billion folk are active social-network users (almost one-third od the planet’s population), a massive 10% spike from 2015. And that means people are more readily influenced and inspired by others from around the globe.

Teenagers in Ohio take style tips from YouTubers in Mexico, listen to London Grime playlists on Spotify and follow funny Snapchatters in Brazil. And so we can no longer make assumptions about what it means to be from a specific place.

“Global Neighbourhood is about embracing this state of flux, as our collective cultural identities will be less about where we are and more about what we believe, based on our connections,” says the report.

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