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Here now for traffic data

28 September 2016 in transport

Here trafic dataDigital maps outfit Here – formerly a Nokia unit but now owned by Audi, BMW, Audi and Daimler – is rolling out a real-time traffic information based on crowdsourced data collected from car manufacturers’ vehicles. That means regular updates on the road environment to provide drivers with insights on the likes of upcoming road hazards and parking space availability in cities.

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Taking data immersive

28 July 2016 in Innovation

Big dataThomson Reuters is partnering with Imperial College London on a collaborative research project aimed at boosting fintech innovation with the use of Big Data. Thomson Reuters will deliver financial market data along with data management and machine-learning nous to Imperial’s KPMG Data Observatory, a data visualisation studio housed at the university’s Data Science Institute.

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UK’s data deficit

12 July 2016 in Innovation

UK dataThe UK is lagging behind other major economies in using data as part of daily business operations. Fewer then one-third of UK organisations classify themselves as highly data-driven, which compares poorly to the US (45%) and China (53%), according to PwC’s 2016 Big Decisions Survey. In fact, UK outfits report data and analytics to be the second-most-important factor in decision-making, just behind experience and intuition, while they also rely heavily on external advice.

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Six start-ups get data opportunity

8 March 2016 in Innovation

London City AirportInnovate UK has given six start-ups emerging from the IC tomorrow Intelligent Data Insights contest the opportunity to work with leading firms to develop prototypes to deal with a number of data challenges. IBM, Carnival Corporation, London City Airport, the Office for National Statistics, Barclays, NMP and bathstore will offer mentoring and promotion opportunities to the start-ups to assist the entrepreneurs in bringing their solutions to market.

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Big Data, Big Short?

26 February 2016 in Research

The Big ShortWhat does Big Data have to say about the Oscar winners?The Big Short is set to win the Oscar for best picture, narrowly squeezing out Spotlight, according to digital advertising outfit Exponential which has used look-a-like modelling to analyse the online habits of people with similar demographics to those of Oscar voters. “We know the typical Oscar voter is a frequent traveller, invests heavily in home theatre systems, follows tennis and baseball, is concerned about privacy and Social Security, buys expensive watches, and drives a European luxury car,” says Bryan Melmed, Exponential’s vp of insights. “Thus, the film interests of people with similar interests give us a strong clue as to where votes would go.

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Keeping it personal

26 February 2016 in Mobile

A majority of consumers think they lack control over personal information on their mobile phones and are suspicious of brands’ effort to use such data for marketing purposes.

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Taking smarts to the Sidewalk

24 February 2016 in Innovation

Smart citySidewalk Labs says it’s building an integrated platform for urban innovation spanning technology, data, policy best practices, relationships, and capital. And the US-based outfit boasts that it is managing the largest pool of capital in the world focused on urban innovation. Should we take notice? Probably. The company is a unit of Google parent Alphabet. And Sidewalk has just announced an exec hiring round which has pulled in two former Google managers.

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Latest News

Google pops up in SoHo

24 October 2016 in -e.showcase

Google has launched a bricks-and-mortar, pop-up store in New York in SoHo, just a few blocks from Apple’s more permanent retail location.

Onside with Brexit

20 October 2016 in -e.showcase

Sports Interactive has built a Brexit variable into the latest version of its Football Manager video game.

No business for sharing

29 September 2016 in Sharing economy

Business travellers aren’t opting in to the sharing economy, with only little over one-quarter of them using offerings from such as Airbnb, Lyft and Uber

Bloody Booker book goes short

13 September 2016 in Publishing

Historical crime novel His Bloody Project: Documents Relating to the Case of Roderick Macrae by Graeme Macrae Burnet, published by indie house Saraband, has been shortlisted for the Man Booker prize.

Kickstarter heads east

2 September 2016 in Finance

US crowdfunding platform Kickstarter has opened local platforms in Hong Kong and Singapore, with entrepreneurs able to launch projects and raise finance directly in those markets.

Bot goes for gold

15 August 2016 in technology

The Washington Post is using a bot to support its news reporting on the Olympic Games.

The news is mobile

29 July 2016 in

Friday metric: News-content audiences have spiked 66% on mobile over the past three years, with digital newspapers having doubled their audiences across mobile devices.

Tech for culture

26 July 2016 in

The Google Cultural Institute has rolled out the Google Arts & Culture website and app featuring digital versions of the world’s cultural treasures.

3-in-1 for Africa

14 July 2016 in technology

Start-up watch: Italo-Spanish start-up Watly is testing its all-one electricity, clean water, and online services technology in Africa.

Bad, bad Brexit

8 July 2016 in technology

Global IT spending will be flat this year following the UK’s vote for Brexit. “With the UK’s [EU] exit, there will likely be an erosion in business confidence and price increases,” warns Gartner.