Re-engineering for social media

June 1, 2010 in

razor_figLiving socially. Brands and their agency partners haven’t adapted their organizations to the behaviours driving social media – and many of them don’t even realize that this is a problem, says Razorfish in its evolve Outlook Report 2010.
“While social media may seem mystifying, it has definite parallels to what marketers have done for decades – understand their consumers and market to them accordingly,” says the repot. “The key, when it comes to social media, is to understand how consumers use technology and adapt it to their social lives. It’s a cross between behavioral psychology and technographics, and definitely rooted in the principles of user experience and ethnographic research.”
However, there are differences. While previous forms of marketing were composed of carefully-crafted, one-way messaging, this doesn’t necessarily apply to social media. For one thing, you can buy ads on Facebook, but how do you build a fan page that attracts consumers and keep them engaged? And how should a marketing department respond when there’s a rising tide of consumer complaints on Twitter? An advertising slogan or banner campaign maybe? Forget it.
Razorfish reckons brand success in this space requires re-engineering of the marketing department around six specific areas:

• Behaviorally focused account planning rather leaning on attitudes and mindsets
• Content strategy and creation moving beyond copywriting and into interactive and personal conversations
• User-experience design driven by consumer needs, desires and actions
• Deep tech expertise around platforms like Facebook and Twitter
• Interactive media design with departments developing planning and strategy
• Real-time analytics with a focus on uncovering insights.

“In addition to giving marketing more focus around social, realigning around social behavior also helps avoid a major pitfall of implementing social programs – becoming obsessed with platforms and vendors. At its core, marketing in social media is really about understanding social behavior and acting accordingly. The behaviour is what makes people want to play a game with a friend or be tagged in a photo.”

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