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Guvera goes Bollywood

14 November 2014 in -e.showcase

Guvera musicGuvera is back making headlines and is in pretty bullish frame of mind. The outfit rolled out its music services in the US back in 2010, having inked deals with Universal Music, EMI and IODA to offer free tracks to consumers, with brands picking up the tab. “Guvera will allow advertisers to offer the world’s most engaging content to their target customers without disrupting them with ads, but rather creating brand experiences within channels that offer specialised content,” Claes Loberg, Guvera CEO, said at the time.

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Telekom bets on German start-ups

13 November 2014 in -e.showcase

deutsche telekomDeutsche Telekom is taking a €500 million bet on innovation with the launch of a new investment fund, Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners. The new vehicle will support the telco’s strategy as an ‘external innovation engine’ via venture capital investments, with a special focus on Germany’s burgeoning start-up scene. DTCP will also undertake private equity investments in existing activities to foster cooperation with Deutsche Telekom.

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How many things?

12 November 2014 in

internet of thingsHow many ‘things’ in the Internet of Things? Gartner reckons 4.9 billion connected devices will be in use in next year – up 30% on this year – reaching 25 billion by 2020. This spurt will power up the economic impact of the IoT as consumers, businesses, city authorities, hospitals et al find new ways in which to exploit the technology. Gartner reckons that the IoT will support total services spending of $69.5 billion in 2015, rising to a whopping $263 billion by 2020.

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Big thoughts on data

12 November 2014 in -e.showcase

Big data Want to know what Big Business is making of Big Data? We’ve got that covered. Senior executives see Big Data providing significant business benefits, from greater insight and learning, the ability to obtain answers and make decisions more quickly and in a more informed manner, greater agility and more flexibility. How much do they care about the kind of tech that delivers all this? They don’t. Just 4% see technology selection as being critical to successful Big Data adoption, according to the Big Data Survey 2014 from NewVantage Partners.

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Blowing bubbles

11 November 2014 in -e.showcase

tech bubbleSilicon Valley denizen – and now self-proclaimed professional contrarian – Peter Thiel won’t hear talk of a tech overvaluations, writes Steve Mullins. “Bubbles only happen when the public is involved, they’re a psychosocial event,” he said at the recent Web Summit 2014. You see, Valley types aren’t real people subject to human foibles – they’re clear-headed, straight-thinking individuals. We’re all aware of that.

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Living a wearables life

11 November 2014 in -e.showcase

wearablesWhat’s the nature of advertising in a wearables world? That’s easy and pretty damn obvious. “The future of wearable advertising will mean that data is acutely targeted, optimising the push and pull of information to create perfectly timed, enticingly relevant messaging,” says PwC in its Wearable Future report. Yes. We’re talking yet more of those smart algorithms trained to know with almighty precision what it is we are doing and what we want.

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UK youth values value

10 November 2014 in -e.showcase

UK youthAmazon is the leading brand among the UK’s 18-to-24s, taking over top spot from YouTube, which has held the number-one spot for the past two years, according to Voxburner’s Youth 100. Google, Cadbury, Ben & Jerry’s and BBC all retain their place in the top 10 for another year. New entries include Microsoft and Boots.

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Now Xiaomi looks to content

7 November 2014 in

xiaomi-mitvNot satisfied with selling smartphones, Xiaomi is now looking to pump $1 billion into producing exclusive online video content and has hired Chen Tong, one-time executive at Chinese online outfit Sina Corp to tackle its Xiaomi TV business to make it ‘diverse and exciting’. Chen told a press conference that “we want to repeat the success of Xiaomi’s hardware integration model in the television industry.” The company already produces the Mi TV and Mi Box settop box, while the Mipad tablet would certainly be a target for any new content.

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Spotify hitches Uber ride

20 November 2014 in -e.showcase

Spotify has taken a shine to Uber and has allied with the car-sharing outfit to launch a music playlist for Uber users in 10 cities around the globe.

Emerging motivations

20 November 2014 in

Sharing opinions with others via the Internet is particularly strong in emerging markets and places where offline self-expression is limited sats an AT Kearney report.

Cool creative: Design ID

19 November 2014 in -e.showcase

Oslo design studio Neue has won a contest to create a new passport for Norway and has deployed minimalist Norwegian landscapes.

Does the Valley do diversity?

18 November 2014 in -e.showcase

some 45% of Silicon Valley tech companies don’t have a single female executive, compared to just 16% of S&P organisations according to a study from Fenwick & West.

Super sharing

18 November 2014 in

Almost one in five online users share videos with their social networks more than once a week, and these ‘super-sharers’ account for 82% of all video shares.

iPad on the slide

17 November 2014 in

The iPad, along with the entire tablet market, faces structural challenges due to a lack of new applications and market saturation, according to research from KGI Securities.

Startup pay spikes

14 November 2014 in -e.showcase

The average salary for a start-up job in the UK tech sector is £41,718, up from just over £39,000 one year ago.

Auto autonomous

13 November 2014 in -e.showcase

Seventy five percent of vehicles sold worldwide in 2035 will have some degree of autonomous capability, according to a report from Navigant Research.