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Tesla goes Airbnb

25 August 2015 in transport

Airbnb TeslaAirbnb and Tesla are joining forces to slot charging stations into select Airbnb-registered homes around the world, with the California coastal region first up for deployments. “Together, we’re building a world with no limits to how far you can travel and how you get there,” the two companies say. “From remote deserts to lush forests, we’re unlocking highways, backroads, adventures and unique homes.”

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Building Uber

24 August 2015 in transport

Uber booking revenues are set to rise close to threefold this year to total $10.8 billion and to hit $26.1 billion in 2016, according to Reuters. However, the app-based cab service, which keeps 20% of all revenues in the 50-plus markets in which it operates, is believed to be running at a loss as it spends incentive cash to build up market share in what is now classic Silicon Valley start-up style.

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Personalise me

24 August 2015 in Research

Empowered by social networks and digital devices, consumers have become both critics and creators, demanding increased personalisation while also expecting to be handed the opportunity to shape the products and services they consume. Not only that, but the majority of consumers be willing to pay more for a customised product or service, according to a mew report from Deloitte — Made to order: The rise of mass personalisation report.

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Sticky Apple?

24 August 2015 in Music

Close to half of consumers who have tried out the Apple Music streaming service are no longer using it, according to MusicWatch. And more than one quarter of Spotify Premium customers also use Apple Music, though just 11% of Spotify Free and 6% of Pandora users are listening in. However, Apple has dismissed those numbers, claiming that a mere 21% of trial users have opted out of using the service.

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Doing down digiboomers

21 August 2015 in

By 2025, two-thirds of all UK retail activity will be undertaken by the over 55’s, and this demographic is already highly active online – to the tune of £14.45 billion a year. And what are these grey consumers spending their cash on? Well, the ‘digiboomers’ are buying books and magazines (76%), clothing and accessories (74%), CDs and DVDs (66%), small appliances and houseware (61%) plus consumer electronics (60%), according to research from Greenlight Digital.

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Indie so social

21 August 2015 in

The Independent is the leading social media performer out of 32 brands across the UK media sector, ahead of CapitalFM and BBC Radio 1, according to a new index compiled by Brandwatch. The ranking leans on a brand’s total online mentions, social mentions and the interaction between those two.

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Skinny on UK start-ups

20 August 2015 in Innovation

Generation Z companies have played a significant role in driving the UK business population from 1.5 million in 2000 to 3.4 million at end-2014. And those sectors experiencing the greatest growth are, unsurprisingly, dominated by start-ups with few fixed assets and long-term liabilities, according to new research from Experian.

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Music munchies

19 August 2015 in Music

Start-up watch: Chef food delivery service Munchery is now offering custom meals inspired by Google Play Music radio stations. Each Munchery+Google Play Music menu item will correspond to a themed playlist curated on Google Play Music based on different moods, times of day and activities. The musical menus will be available in New York, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

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Latest News

Brds on Rdio

1 September 2015 in Music

Music streamer Rdio has launched it ‘Promoted Music Experiences’ native advertising solution, with Hard Rock Hotels & Casinos the first brand onboard the initiative.

Intel chips in on drones

31 August 2015 in Finance

Intel is taking flight with Chinese drones, having just stumped up $60 million of investment in Shanghai drone manufacturer Yuneec.

Ultimate sports

31 August 2015 in -e.showcase

Event-marketing outfit GMR Marketing has allied with SportBusiness Group to find the ‘ultimate apprentice’ to work at some of the world’s leading sports and entertainment events.

Game on for YouTube

31 August 2015 in

YouTube is taking on Amazon-owned Twitch with the launch of YouTube Gaming, with the new service pulling in all gaming-related videos and live streams from the YouTube platform.

Cash without contact

28 August 2015 in Finance

Friday metric: Contactless spending has spiked dramatically in the UK over the past year, according to data released by Barclaycard and Mastercard.

Bar à la BrewDog

27 August 2015 in -e.showcase

Spiky Scots brewer BrewDog is pushing deeper into Scandinavia with the opening of its third Swedish location, BrewDog Södermalm.

YouTube ad revenues to spike

26 August 2015 in

Wednesday metric: YouTube’s gross global advertising revenues worldwide will hit $9.5 billion this year, a spike of 25% on 2014, according to eMarketer estimates.

Keeping it private

25 August 2015 in

Three-quarters of online Arabs say they concerned that their personal information is no longer private, according to JWT’s 10 Trends for MENA 2015 report.

Corbyn tweets ahead

24 August 2015 in

Jeremy Corbyn has racked up a 34% share of Labour Party leadership candidates’ Twitter following, ahead of Andy Burnham with 29%, according to EMR.

Penguins on track

21 August 2015 in Publishing

Penguin has teamed up with Transport for London to offer Tube customers a daily choice of free stories and interviews to read or listen to during their journeys.