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Stockholm for fintech

30 June 2015 in Finance

Stockholm has racked up $266 million in fintech start-up investments over the past year, leaving it second only to London in Europe in terms of VC inflows from the likes of Intel Capital, Mastercard and American Express Ventures, according to metrics from the Stockholm School of Economics. And that total accounted for close to one-fifth of $1.48 billion in fintech investments across Europe, and one-third of all start-up financing in Sweden.

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Indie so social

29 June 2015 in

The Independent is the leading social media performer out of 32 brands across the UK media sector, ahead of CapitalFM and BBC Radio 1, according to a new index compiled by Brandwatch. The ranking leans on a brand’s total online mentions, social mentions and the interaction between those two.

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Funding female film

26 June 2015 in -e.showcase

Dazed has rolling out the second iteration of the Females First: Film Fund it launched last year. The initiative supports emerging women filmmakers, and Dazed has tasked the likes of Jane Campion, Joanna Hogg, Sarah Solemani and Sienna Miller with selecting their female filmmakers to create a short film. Applicants will get a percentage of production funds for their productions, which must be intended for release. There are no restrictions on genre or subject.

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No Passport to success for BB

25 June 2015 in Mobile

So, how’s BlackBerry doing on this brand re-invention thing? Not that great, really. Its ongoing efforts to mine its core corporate user constituency isn’t paying off, and the smartphone maker sold just 1.1 million devices in its first quarter, that’s a slide of 500,000 on the previous three-month period. It also posted a loss of $28 million on $658 million in revenues (revenues ran to almost $1 billion in the corresponding period last year).

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HMV gets physical

25 June 2015 in Music

HMV is now selling physical music formats – in the shape of CDs and vinyl – online for the first time since spring 2013, when the ailing retailer was acquired by Hilco Capital. The new website,, has been launched in the face of “overwhelming customer demand” and following a “highly successful” trial in Ireland, according to Hilco.

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In praise of Euro hubs

25 June 2015 in Innovation

Get ready for five European innovation hubs which aren’t London or Berlin. Like Eindhoven in the Netherlands, with its High Tech Campus, and Startupbootcamp, the biggest network of tech startup accelerators in Europe. And Budapest, whose Colabs was the first tech start-up hub of its kind in Hungary, and where the European Entrepreneurship Foundation has for the last seven years been running accelerator programmes.

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Unicorns of Europe

24 June 2015 in Finance

Europe is now able to boast 40 unicorn start-ups, up from 30 one year ago, as European entrepreneurs added another 13 $1 billion-companies to the herd, while three fell out of the running, according to research from GP Bullhound. Unicorn newcomers include the likes of boohoo, Shazam, Monitise and Rocket Internet, with the 13 new entrants boasting an average valuation of $2.1 billion, and three-quarters being consumer-focused. Unsurprisingly, one-third of new unicorns are fintech outfits.

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Regulating native

23 June 2015 in Branding

Native advertising is no longer new, but we are still in the early stages of grappling with what the appropriate regulatory framework for it should be, says Mark Owen*. Why it works – because it blends in so well with content the consumer trusts and has chosen – is also at the heart of the regulatory concerns. Advertising and consumer protection regulations in most countries protect the consumer from being misled because they do not know they are being marketed to. But how to ensure that cannot happen with native advertising, without killing the golden goose?

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Streaming spikes

3 July 2015 in Music

On-demand music streams totalled 135.2 billion in the US in the first half, up 92% on the mid-2014 figure – with video on-demand streaming led the way (up 110%).

TV Mail

3 July 2015 in is partnering up with US daytime talk show host Dr Phil McGraw to launch a new daily television series in the autumn.

Lobby music

30 June 2015 in Music

Universal Music Group is partnering with Marriott to launch a marketing partnership featuring exclusive performances by established and up-and-coming artists.

News by Instagram

29 June 2015 in

Instagram has begun leveraging the 70 million pieces of content posted each day on its social media platform to offer users coverage of current events.

PS games Spotify

29 June 2015 in Music

Consumers have downloaded the Spotify app over 5 million times to Sony PlayStation PS3 and PS4 devices since the streaming outfit became the PS official music partner at end- March

Streaming in Play

26 June 2015 in Music

One week after Apple launches its long-awaited Apple Music streaming service without an advertising-supported option, Google has rolled out a freemium, brand-backed version of its Google Play Music offering.

On overload

26 June 2015 in Research

Pity those poor millennials with digital overload, for they are the generation most likely to permanently disengage with brands if they receive high volumes of mass email communications.

Live energy

25 June 2015 in Music

Live music fans rely on energy drinks to keep them hyped at festivals, with over one-in-five consuming energy drinks – 32% more than the average consumer.

Not so smart homes

23 June 2015 in technology

The smart home is looking less clever to consumers as demand in May for connected home devices such as thermostats, lightbulbs, locks, sensors and cameras slipped below that of a year ago, according to Argus Insights.