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Kotex vampiric

22 October 2014 in

Feminine care brand U by Kotex is rolling out an online video series in the shape of vampire web show Carmilla.

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YouTube is mandatory

14 October 2014 in

youtube builds own video marketYouTube hasn’t bothered reinventing television, rather it has managed to build its own market by translating massive consumer usage in both creating and watching video into the Internet’s video library. And participation, or at least promotion, by both traditional and non-traditional media is now as mandatory as a URL in Google search results, says Jefferies in a recent research report. “Like the Web itself, YouTube has given rise to a sui generis content ecosystem that represents the most compelling disruption of TV usage in digital – stealing time not from the shows we all talk about but from the shows we didn’t even know we were watching.”

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Vice via Skype

6 October 2014 in

Vice Media is going live as its news unit does a deal with the Skype messaging service to stream video broadcasts on the Vice News YouTube channel.

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Branded music

3 October 2014 in

Universal Music Group and Havas Media have joined forces with advertising technology outfit Mirriad to slot brand integrations into music videos.

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Pop-up news

16 September 2014 in

The BBC has rolled out its BBC Pop Up news service to demonstrate a ‘commitment to live the story’.

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Spotify chases ad dollars

11 September 2014 in

Spotify advertisingSpotify struggles to make streaming music pay its way – blame the music majors for imposing high royalty rates – so it’s no surprise the company is making efforts to attract brands and pull in more advertising money. The outfit has launched two new video ad products in the shape of ‘Video Takeover’ on desktop and ‘Sponsored Sessions’ for mobile. The former is ‘an opportunity for brands to own the desktop app experience’ but they are served during normal ad breaks and still sound a lot like regular video ad spots, despite the name. Sponsored Sessions are for users who opt in to commercial comms, and brands het the chance to align messaging with daily activities where music plays a role, like exercising, studying, partying, commuting.

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Truth in the video

11 September 2014 in

Watch me thinkAlistair Vince is a great believer in ‘accidental insight’ when it comes to research – and that happens when you let the consumer do the talking. “That way everyone gets it,” he says. “There’s no marketing terminology to deal with. It’s all about letting people simply talk about stuff. It’s about bringing segmentation studies to life.”

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31 October 2014 in

The most incomprehensible social network? That would be LinkedIn, according to UK consumers.

Glass begone

31 October 2014 in

The US Motion Picture Association of America and the National Association of Theatre Owners is banning wearers of Google Glass and other wearables from entering cinema.

Go slow mobile

30 October 2014 in

Over 9o% of global consumers turn to a competitor site if they find that their first mobile destination choice is offering a poor experience, says Netbiscuits,

Lyft, Luxe and Shuddle

29 October 2014 in -e.showcase

Start-up watch: San Francisco is home to sharing economy outfits Uber and Lyft can also boast car start-ups Luxe Valet and Shuddle.

Screen nation

28 October 2014 in -e.showcase

The UK is a leading multiscreen nation, able to boast an average 3.1 connected devices per person, compared to Germany’s 2.4 and Japan’s mere 2.3, according to the Google Consumer Barometer.

Silicon sales

28 October 2014 in -e.showcase

The fastest-growing companies in Silicon Valley? Forget those social networking and mobile app outfits.

Working Glass

27 October 2014 in -e.showcase

Google has announced five new partners for its Glass At Work programme, the initiative the company launched earlier this year to deliver business solutions for Glass wearable technology.

Beacon benched

24 October 2014 in -e.showcase

Los Angeles bus benches are hosting beacons to give municipalities, museums, brands and retailers to disseminate information.

Bearable wearables?

24 October 2014 in

Wearable metrics: Fifty seven percent of consumers believe that people will end up relying more on their wearable devices than on friends and families.