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Super sharing

18 November 2014 in

Almost one in five online users share videos with their social networks more than once a week, and these ‘super-sharers’ account for 82% of all video shares.

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Video with Vue

17 November 2014 in

PlayStationBrands just can’t help themselves. They simply have to have a go at reinventing something. Sony has decide that the TV experience is ripe for its reimagining and has come up with PlayStation Vue, with live and on-demand programming viewable only via PlayStation gaming consoles. The content is courtesy of the likes of CBS, NBCUniversal, Viacom and Discovery.

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Now Xiaomi looks to content

7 November 2014 in

xiaomi-mitvNot satisfied with selling smartphones, Xiaomi is now looking to pump $1 billion into producing exclusive online video content and has hired Chen Tong, one-time executive at Chinese online outfit Sina Corp to tackle its Xiaomi TV business to make it ‘diverse and exciting’. Chen told a press conference that “we want to repeat the success of Xiaomi’s hardware integration model in the television industry.” The company already produces the Mi TV and Mi Box settop box, while the Mipad tablet would certainly be a target for any new content.

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YouTube is mandatory

5 November 2014 in

youtube builds own video marketYouTube hasn’t bothered reinventing television, rather it has managed to build its own market by translating massive consumer usage in both creating and watching video into the Internet’s video library. And participation, or at least promotion, by both traditional and non-traditional media is now as mandatory as a URL in Google search results, says Jefferies in a recent research report. “Like the Web itself, YouTube has given rise to a sui generis content ecosystem that represents the most compelling disruption of TV usage in digital – stealing time not from the shows we all talk about but from the shows we didn’t even know we were watching.”

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Vice fast-forwards to mainstream

3 November 2014 in

Vice fast forwardVice Media is going mainstream in rolling out a Vice TV network in Canada in a $100 million join venture with cable operator Rogers. There will be a Toronto-based Vice Canada Studio, with creative produced by Vice for 18 to 24-year-olds. The partners are promising a brand new slate of television formats developed, produced and made with new Canadian talent, as well as Vice Plus, mobile adaptations of VICE’s new and best-known franchises, including the environmental show Toxic; and F*ck That’s Delicious, plus pilots for new shows.

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FKA Glass

3 November 2014 in

Google Glass needs less nerd more cred. So, in the time-hounoured way, why not pay someone cool to endorse this piece of smart eyewear.

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Kotex vampiric

22 October 2014 in

Feminine care brand U by Kotex is rolling out an online video series in the shape of vampire web show Carmilla.

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Everything is tech

27 November 2014 in -e.showcase

Four out of the top five fastest-growing UK companies are software firms, according to Deloitte, with online advertising outfit Switch Concepts able to boast a whopping 10,477% growth.

Doing the PocketMath

27 November 2014 in

Japanese online retail behemoth Rakuten has invested $10 million in PocketMath, a Singapore-based outfit enabling companies to buy and sell ads in real time on mobile devices.

Streamed to sell

26 November 2014 in

Streaming-radio outfit Pandora says its music boosts track purchases, with the average positive effect of new music being a 2.3% increase in sales of track-equivalent albums.

Yik Yak cash back

25 November 2014 in

Yik Yak just picked up $62 million in new venture funding a mere six months after raising $10 million.

Get car

24 November 2014 in -e.showcase

Start-up watch: US cities clearly need more car-sharing apps – why else would venture capitalists throw $24 million at car-sharing start-up Getaround?

Spotify hitches Uber ride

20 November 2014 in -e.showcase

Spotify has taken a shine to Uber and has allied with the car-sharing outfit to launch a music playlist for Uber users in 10 cities around the globe.

Emerging motivations

20 November 2014 in

Sharing opinions with others via the Internet is particularly strong in emerging markets and places where offline self-expression is limited sats an AT Kearney report.