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We Are Colony: a filmic storyworld

12 February 2016 in

We are colonyLondon-based streaming service We Are Colony is about content plus. That means providing its audiences with talent-driven and genre films, along with a raft of DVD-style extras such as behind-the-scenes footage, making-of videos, images, cast-and-crew interviews, scripts and storyboards. “We want to create deep storyworlds,” says Sarah Tierney, CEO of We Are Colony. “Offering between 100 and 1,000 assets per title is typical for us. It’s critical to our business. … We are all about curation because we are operating in a market of total abundance.”

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Universal talent on tap for brands

12 February 2016 in Music

Troye SivianUniversal Music Group’s initiative to launch its own advertising agency, Bring, enabling UMG artists to work directly with brands on advertising campaigns – think ‘the world’s best talent on speed dial’ – might just prove to be an opportune move, says Josh Rabinowitz, director of music at Grey Group.

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Lining up the 3Ts of development

11 February 2016 in technology

Global Creativity IndexAustralia has grabbed top spot in the latest Global Creativity Index, a measure of economic growth and sustainable prosperity based on the ‘3Ts’ of economic development – think talent, technology and tolerance here. The US is in second place, ahead of New Zealand and Canada. This is all very Anglo-Saxon… hold on, Denmark and Finland are tied for fifth, Sweden in seventh, then come Iceland, Singapore and the Netherlands.

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Sharing economy, sharing Ireland

10 February 2016 in Sharing economy

airbnb irelandAirbnb travellers stay an average of 2.9 nights at their sharing economy destinations in Ireland, shelling out €561 per trip. And close to one-quarter of Airbnb guests say they would not have gone on their trips, or would not have stayed as long in Ireland, if it hadn’t been for the Airbnb platform. Unsurprisingly, Dublin is the leading Airbnb destination, accounting for 43% of trips, ahead of Galway (10%) and Cork (4%).

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Smart city first

9 February 2016 in Innovation

Four businesses have each been awarded up to £35,000 as part of Innovate UK’s Innovation in Urban Spaces contest. They will all now get to develop pre-commercial prototypes of their solutions to tackling Tube overcrowding, community engagement, journey management and open spaces. They will also get the chance to work Transport for London, Centro, Clear Channel Outdoor and Atkins over a three-month period.

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Taking on food waste

9 February 2016 in Innovation

Food wasteFood-swapping outfit Olio has expanded out of London and set up shop out west in Bristol and Bath. The mobile app enables households and firms to communicate that they have surplus food to offer up for free, or at a discount. Those looking to help cut down on food waste can then register their interest and collect items directly from those offering up produce, or from designated pick-up and drop-off points, writes Root Wilson*.

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Pay-as-you-go is retail way to go

9 February 2016 in Sharing economy

Pay-as-you-go retailForget that purchase. UK consumers are getting into pay-as-you-go retail as the sharing economy becomes a bigger part of their lives via the likes of Uber and Airbnb. One in five people are interested in renting from their favourite stores, rising to one in three in London. And this trend is particularly strong among millennials, with nearly half of 25-to-34 year-olds keen on renting. What are these consumers looking to rent? Think exercise equipment (19%), followed by cars (16%), consumer electronics (15%), bikes (14%) and clothing (10%).

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Access is music’s future

8 February 2016 in Music

Music accessThe recorded music sector of yesterday is quite simply a bygone era that is in the process of being swept away by shiny new industry players, says Simon Dyson, Ovum’s head of music practice. “Music retailers will never sell as many CDs or downloads as they did last year and so services along the music value chain that want to be part of this rapid evolution in recorded music must simply embrace the change and make access work for their business.”

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A slice of innovation

12 February 2016 in Innovation

France is ahead of the rest of the world on pizza innovation as lactose-free becomes a global trend.

Free Basics not free

10 February 2016 in

The Indian telecoms regulator has banned Facebook’s Free Basics initiative which offers free-access basic web services in the market.

Bring it on with UMG

10 February 2016 in Music

Universal Music Group has launched its own advertising agency, Bring, together with One Green Bean and Host.

You say Azerty…

8 February 2016 in technology

France’s culture and communication ministry has accepted that the country’s Azerty keyboard layout makes it pretty difficult to type some common symbols.

Supermarket making social

8 February 2016 in -e.showcase

UK supermarket chain Asda is using the £750,000 proceeds of its carrier bag charge in Scotland to launch the Social Enterprise Supplier Development Academy.

UK slides on charitable giving

5 February 2016 in -e.showcase

Friday metric: The UK has fallen from second to fourth place in the world when ranked for charitable giving as a percentage of GDP, which has slipped from 0.7% to 0.54%,

JWT’s wearable tech play

4 February 2016 in technology

JWT is partnering with wearable technology Mio Global, to get it access to the latter’s cloud-based health optimisation algorithms.