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On-demand talent

2 September 2015 in Innovation

Macy’s has joined forces with online fashion technology start-up Nineteenth Amendment to slot the latter’s stable of up-and-coming designers on to give shoppers the opportunity to purchase garments made on-demand. The tie-up is part of Macy’s mentoring of the fashtech start-up which began with the inaugural New York Fashion Tech Lab last year.

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OTT to boost cordcutting

1 September 2015 in

Video-streaming apps had a ‘fantastic’ second quarter with HBO Now and Hulu leading revenue growth in the US, while the former also landed on Android devices in July and Showtime’s streaming service also increased its footprint with rollouts on the iOS, Apple TV and Roku platforms. App Annie says it now believes cordcutting on a mass-market scale could soon be a reality in the US market as TV subs go OTT.

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Socialising news

1 September 2015 in Publishing

Facebook will play an ever-growing role in finding, discussing and sharing news, with the social network’s Instagram and Whatsapp platforms already petrforming that job among younger groups, according to the Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2015, research based on based on a survey of more than 20,000 people in 12 countries.

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Financing fashtech

31 August 2015 in Finance

UK fashtech start-up has picked up $8 million in funding in a financing round led by VC firm Balderton Capital and including ex-Saks Fifth Avenue president Andrew Jennings and former M&S director Maurice Helfgott. Thread delivers online personal styling services, primarily for men, and has been able to count clients of the calibre of Harvey Nichols, Jigsaw and Urban Outfitters on its roster.

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Motor disconnect

28 August 2015 in transport

You can soup up the connected car with loads of cool tech, but you can’t always make drivers connect. In fact, some 20% of new car owners fail to engage with half of the technology features in their vehicles within three months of purchasing them, according to the 2015 Driver Interactive Vehicle Experience (DrIVE) report from JD Power. And the most underused piece of kit? That would be the concierge system — one able to recommend nearby restaurants or service stations — which remain unused by 43% of survey respondents.

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Perils of pop-up

28 August 2015 in Research

Pop-up retailThe UK pop-up retail sector has generated over £2.3 billion in revenues over the past 12 months, up from the £2.1 billion in the year to June 2014.And while the value of pop-up retail sales spiked 12.2% over the past year, the value of total UK retail sales rose just 1.1%. This implies that the pop-up retail sector is growing at a considerably faster rate than the overall retail category, according to the Britain’s Pop-Up Retail Economy 2015 report form EE and the Centre for Economics and Business Research.

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C4 tunes in to social

27 August 2015 in

Channel 4 has the fastest average response rate among UK broadcasters for tweets at a mere 2.9 minutes, ahead of BBC Two on 8.5 minutes. BBC One responds in an average of 22.8 minutes, though it does receive the highest number of average daily mentions at 1,620. Channel 5 has a 62.7 minute average response time, while ITV lags way behind on 415 minutes, according to Brandwatch.

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Tweeted out

26 August 2015 in

Twitter is “a mess, and both investors and management are constantly looking for a scapegoat/excuse to explain why Twitter isn’t experiencing the same levels of growth as Facebook, rather than acknowledging that Twitter just does not have anywhere near as much user applications as Facebook,” says Zenith Investments.

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Too-cheap streamers

2 September 2015 in Music

US consumers are willing to pay more for their music streaming services than they currently do with the likes of Spotify and Pandora.

Brds on Rdio

1 September 2015 in Music

Music streamer Rdio has launched it ‘Promoted Music Experiences’ native advertising solution, with Hard Rock Hotels & Casinos the first brand onboard the initiative.

Intel chips in on drones

31 August 2015 in Finance

Intel is taking flight with Chinese drones, having just stumped up $60 million of investment in Shanghai drone manufacturer Yuneec.

Ultimate sports

31 August 2015 in -e.showcase

Event-marketing outfit GMR Marketing has allied with SportBusiness Group to find the ‘ultimate apprentice’ to work at some of the world’s leading sports and entertainment events.

Game on for YouTube

31 August 2015 in

YouTube is taking on Amazon-owned Twitch with the launch of YouTube Gaming, with the new service pulling in all gaming-related videos and live streams from the YouTube platform.

Cash without contact

28 August 2015 in Finance

Friday metric: Contactless spending has spiked dramatically in the UK over the past year, according to data released by Barclaycard and Mastercard.

Bar à la BrewDog

27 August 2015 in -e.showcase

Spiky Scots brewer BrewDog is pushing deeper into Scandinavia with the opening of its third Swedish location, BrewDog Södermalm.

YouTube ad revenues to spike

26 August 2015 in

Wednesday metric: YouTube’s gross global advertising revenues worldwide will hit $9.5 billion this year, a spike of 25% on 2014, according to eMarketer estimates.

Keeping it private

25 August 2015 in

Three-quarters of online Arabs say they concerned that their personal information is no longer private, according to JWT’s 10 Trends for MENA 2015 report.

Corbyn tweets ahead

24 August 2015 in

Jeremy Corbyn has racked up a 34% share of Labour Party leadership candidates’ Twitter following, ahead of Andy Burnham with 29%, according to EMR.