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Travelling gigs

31 July 2015 in Music

Music tourism generated £3.1 billion in spending in the UK last year, as 9.5 million music tourists attended live music events. And there were more than half-a-million overseas music tourists visiting the UK, a demographic which has spiked 39% since 2011. The average spend by and overseas music tourist in the UK? That would be over £750, according to UK Music’s Wish You Were Here 2015 report.

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Streaming to India

31 July 2015 in Music

Saavn, India’s answer to Spotify, has just raised $100 million in funding from VCs and plans to use the cash to build out its music-streaming offering. Saavn’s music catalogue has tracks from 900 labels and boasts music in 11 languages. Hindi accounts for 65% of Saavn listening, English 15% and Punjabi 5%.

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Adaptable news

30 July 2015 in Publishing

Three-quarters of 18-to-34 year-olds head to news brands for a balanced viewpoint and close to 80% says their news source introduces them to stories they wouldn’t otherwise read, according to the Generation News survey conducted by Newsworks and the University of Bath. The report also found that the news habits of millennials and boomers are more influenced by engagement and interest in news than by their generation group.

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Launchpad for start-ups

29 July 2015 in

Amazon LaunchpadAmazon has rolled out Launchpad, a new marketplace for products supplied solely by start-ups, and is partnering with a raft of Silicon Valley VC firms, including Andreessen Horowitz and Y Combinator, to help it identify outfits and goods for the new online destination. Launchpad start-ups will get their own, dedicated product pages and consumers will be able make pre-orders for items through Amazon, which will deal with the shipping side of the business.

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Guvera in the House

28 July 2015 in Music

Aussie music streamer Guvera has opened up its House of Guvera content division in downtown Los Angeles, promising that the location will serve as a creative and event space for artists, musicians and brand partners, hosting live performances with established and emerging artists. Guvera also says House of Guvera will offer curation and creation of original content, “to create deeper more engaging experiences on the Guvera streaming platform”.

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Addicted to apps

28 July 2015 in

The number of global ‘Mobile Addicts’ – consumers who launch apps 60 times or more a day – hit 280 million in the second quarter of 2015, up from 176 million in the same quarter last year, according to Flurry Mobile. “Just to put things in perspective, if the number of Mobile Addicts there were in 2014 had been the population of a country, such country would have been the eighth-largest in the world last year, slightly below Nigeria,” says Flurry.

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Asia brands add value

27 July 2015 in Research

There were seven newcomers to the BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands this year and, reflecting the shift away from Europe and North America, three of those brands are Chinese, plus one each from Australia, India, Japan and the US. And a trio of them are also telecoms providers, in the shape of Australia’s Telstra, SoftBank from Japan and China Telecom, while Chinese telecoms supplier Huawei also features in the ranking.

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Fairphone goes next-gen

27 July 2015 in Mobile

Netherlands-based Fairphone has begun accepting orders for its new ethical smartphone. The device has a new modular architecture so that users can easily replace damaged components like screens without having to send then to the repair shop, while it also boasts non-conflict metals. The first Fairphone shifted 60,000 units and the company is looking to sell 15,000 Fairphone 2s – which carry a €525 price tag – in the pre-order period up to end-September.

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Latest News

Branded listening

31 July 2015 in Music

Online radio outfit Pandora has launched its Sponsored Listening advertising service which gives users one hour of uninterrupted listening if they engage with a brand’s content at the start of a session.

Music by app

30 July 2015 in Music

Artist promotion outfit ReverbNation has launched its EchoMusic mobile app to enable audiences to discover up-and-coming musicians on its roster.

Frank and free

30 July 2015 in Music

Shazam has partnered with Polydor Records and Xtra Mile Recordings to give Frank Turner’s UK fans access to exclusive content from the artist’s new album

UK streaming spikes

29 July 2015 in Music

More than 5oo million music tracks were streamed in the UK in the week to 16 July, up from 275 million one year previously, and the first time weekly audiences have passed the half-billion mark.

Eminem’s way with words

29 July 2015 in Music

Artist with the largest vocabulary in the music industry? That would be Eminem who uses 8,818 unique words throughout his catalogue…

UK lags on viewability

28 July 2015 in

Fewer than half of online ads served in the UK in the first half were viewable, down from 56% in the same period in 2014, according to Meetrics.

GoPro lights licensing service

27 July 2015 in

GoPro has launched a premium content licensing portal for global brands and agencies to license video and images from its GoPro creator community.

Intelligence in ads

24 July 2015 in technology

M&C Saatchi has rolled out an artificially intelligent poster campaign for coffee brand Bahio at London bus shelters in Oxford Street and Clapham Common.

Aldi buzzing

23 July 2015 in

Aldi and Lidl are the UK’s top two brands in the YouGov BrandIndex’s mid-year buzz score rankings, ahead of BBC iPlayer and John Lewis.

Music matching

23 July 2015 in Music

There’s a new ‘Tinder for…’ in the market in the shape of FanMatch, a mobile app enabling music festival-goers to meet up with people attending the same events.