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No longer so smart

1 May 2016 in Mobile

Smartphone salesThe smartphone’s rapid growth phase looks to be over as only 48% of global consumers plan to purchase such a device in the next 12 months – a six-point drop from the purchase intent rate last year and a more than nine-point drop from the 2014 peak, according to research from Accenture. The biggest slumps in purchase intent are in markets which previously experienced pacey growth, think China (from 82% to 61%) and South Korea (64% to 54%). The US and UK remain flat in purchase intent at 38% and 37%, respectively.

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Making London flexible

29 April 2016 in transport

London workersLondoners commute an average of 47 minutes to work each way compared to the national average of just 31 minutes – but despite these longer travel times they are less likely to work flexibly than workers in the rest of the UK, according to research by the CIPD, the professional body for HR and people development. And the CIPD says there is strong support among workers for a government-led campaign to boost the uptake of flexible working to reduce the time and cost of commuting.

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Tops for wearables

28 April 2016 in Innovation

Topshop wearables startupsUK fashion retailer Topshop has launched its Top Pitch innovation hub in partnership with tech investment firm L Marks to support entrepreneurs looking to develop affordable wearable technology and smart accessories. Start-ups have until 22 May to apply on the dedicated Top Pitch website, with selected companies going on to participate in a four-week programme offering mentorship and advice from the likes of Maddy Evans, fashion director of Topshop, and Technology Will Save Us CEO Bethany Koby.

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The Mouse goes virtual

28 April 2016 in

Disney VRThe Mouse has picked up Ozo, Nokia’s new $60,000, eight-lens, out-of-the-box virtual reality camera. And Walt Disney is now testing the kit with a view to creating a raft of content, with a full-length movie shot with the Nokia Ozo likely to make a high-profile debut. Disney has already come up with the short-form VR goods in the shape of two 360 videos,  the red carpet and cast interview for this month’s premiere of The Jungle Book.

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Vox covers new kit

27 April 2016 in Publishing

Circuit BreakerUS digital media publisher Vox Media, which produces online brands such as The Verge, Curbed, Eater, Vox and Re/code, has launched a new title in the shape of Circuit Breaker, a Facebook-only publication whose stories appear solely in the social network’s Instant Articles format. Circuit Breaker is a common or garden gadget blog which says aims to obsessively cover new kit, as well as ways to use that emerging kit. While The Verge already does its bit in covering tech and gadgets, Circuit Breaker will apparently put more focus on the gadgets themselves because, according to Vox, gadgets are getting really interesting lately.

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Code for cash

27 April 2016 in technology

London cost of livingNo wonder tech sector developers are heading to London – the city’s digital employers make them some of the highest paid coders in Europe, thanks to an average annual salary of £55,460 ($79,500), outpacing the likes of Berlin and Stockholm, writes Root Wilson*. However, London wages don’t quite stand on a par with those in the US where developers earn an average £66,400 ($95,000), according to the latest metrics from London & Partners and Stack Overflow.

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Sony’s new lab labour

26 April 2016 in Innovation

Sony Future Lab ProgramSony’s Future Lab Program, launched last month to add a dash of co-creation to the tech research and development process, has unveiled its first project in the shape of Concept N. Cue a new piece of connected wearable technology with an audio-based, hands-free headset which sits around a user’s neck along with a voice-controlled camera and other sensors. Its Siri-like features combined with GPS means the device can deliver the likes of local news, weather and restaurant information, while Sony has clearly learned from Google Glass’s travails by opting out of always-on camera functionality.

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Deeper in the hood

22 April 2016 in Sharing economy

airbnbAirbnb is pushing into the reviews and recommendations business with the launch of its Guidebooks feature which enables hosts and users to post information about hoods’ best eateries, bars and hangouts, with an emphasis on going more local and in-the-know than established travel info providers. It’s not starting small either – cue around 3 million tips from 35 cities around the world, including the likes of New York, London, Paris and Sydney.

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Latest News

Esports drive future gaming

26 April 2016 in Video

Tuesday metric: The global gaming market will be worth close to $100 billion in revenues this year, a healthy spike of 8.4% on the 2014 total.

No contact

25 April 2016 in -e.showcase

Contactless payments aren’t everyone’s bag – in fact, one third of UK shoppers never go that route because they don’t trust it.

Bring on the Gallic girls

22 April 2016 in Innovation

Three-quarters of French start-uppers are under the age of 34 – with 35% are between 25 and 29 – and almost half graduated from one of France’s elite schools.

Music’s digital spike

18 April 2016 in Music

Digital became the dominant stream for recorded music in 2015, overtaking sales of physical formats for the first time with 45% of total worldwide revenues.

UK tech gets international

5 April 2016 in technology

One in five directors of UK tech companies are foreign nationals, representing a 133% spike in overseas directors of tech start-ups since 2010.

Youth inspired

4 April 2016 in Innovation

Google Campus London has launched its Future Founders programme for young entrepreneurs and is aiming to put 60 young adults through the scheme every month.

No firm ideas

31 March 2016 in -e.showcase

So, how many UK teens are keen to become entrepreneurs? Not that many, according to a Google survey.

Selling vinyl

30 March 2016 in Music

Vinyl is making a supermarket comeback in the UK as Sainsbury’s puts LPs back on its shelves for the first time since the 1980s.

Gendered Amazon

30 March 2016 in -e.showcase

Amazon has conducted a workforce survey it says demonstrates that female employees earn as much as their male counterparts.

Samsung’s culture reboot

29 March 2016 in Innovation

Samsung may regularly rack up $20 billion plus in quarterly revenues, but what the Korean consumer electronics behemoth really wants is to be a start-up.