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Watch those apps

6 May 2015 in technology

Close to 70% of US consumers say they have no interest in buying the Apple Watch, with 48% professing no interest at all and 21% saying they are ‘not very interested’, according to a Reuters/Ipsos survey. One quarter of respondents say they are ‘somewhat’ or ‘very’ interested in the new piece of wearable tech.

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Art street online

5 May 2015 in Innovation

Aiming to boost its cool cred, Google has added over 5,000 street art images to its online collection, doubling the number of high-res street art items in the Google Art Project. “Eighty-five art organisations from 34 countries are sharing pieces, ranging from Sweden’s most famous street festival, to water tanks wrapped with art among New York city’s rooftops, to the abandoned walls of Buenos Aires that are a source of inspiration for street artists from all over the world,” Google says.

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Apple lacks luxury smarts

4 May 2015 in technology

Apple is the company set to define and create the smartwatch market, according to the latest WorldWatchReport from the Digital Luxury Group. However, Apple won’t quite crack it as a premium watch brand. “The Apple Watch Edition Collection – starting at $10,000 – is an attempt to convey the image of Apple as a true luxury brand but the business reality is different,” David Sadigh, CEO at Digital Luxury. “We anticipate Apple to generate 80% of their sales with Apple Watches priced less than $700, a segment that will have more impact on American and Japanese watchmakers than Swiss ones.”

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Teaching OOH tech

4 May 2015 in technology

Innovation is one of the leading buying considerations of UK marketers under pressure to find new ways to reach mass audiences, according to Clear Channel UK’s Look Again research. And among the tech dubbed most exciting are environmentally friendly technology (70% of respondents), motion detection (67%), contactless tech (70%) and of NFC/QR code technology (72%).

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BT’s Milan concept

1 May 2015 in Innovation

UK telco BT has opened a concept store, Alexander Black, in Milan to showcase over 40 innovative technologies aimed at creating a personalised experience for customers. BT says the new outlet demonstrates how tech such as RFID, NFC, Bluetooth, beacons and Wi-Fi can transform in-store retail and be integrated with its online, mobile and customer service channels.

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The UK tech disconnect

1 May 2015 in technology

Silicon Valley hype is turning investors off tech, making it difficult for UK technology firms to secure funding. Tech companies at the lower end of the mid-market are being squeezed as they lack the ‘rags-to-riches’ appeal of start-ups and cannot command the multi-billion pound buzz of larger corporates, making access to finance is a real issue.

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Smart content

1 May 2015 in Publishing

Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter have launched Adapt Studios, a branded content unit looking to create native advertising for brands aiming to connect with consumers in the entertainment and music spaces. The new unit will also leverage the fashion audience of Pret-a-Reporter, The Hollywood Reporter’s style and beauty outlet.

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Feeding food tech

30 April 2015 in technology

Silicon Valley is showing real appetite for food start-ups, with venture capitalists having thrown hundreds of millions of dollars at technologically calorific enterprises, writes Steve Mullins. The big financing rounds have revolved around the likes of Hampton Creek and Soylent, though there have been scores of small fry hovering up the speculative cash too.

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Latest News

M2M health

6 May 2015 in

Vodafone is partnering with clinical data outfit PHT to connect the latter’s electronic clinical outcome assessment system to Vodafone’s global M2M network. The move will give pharmaceutical trial sponsors real-time access to patient information.

Calling time on Facebook

6 May 2015 in

Get ready to pay for wasting your time on social networks with Timewaste Timer. It’s a plug-in – currently available only for Chrome browsers – which tracks consumers’ Facebook usage.

Implementing IoT

6 May 2015 in technology

The Internet of Things will be more prevalent than ever this year as future-gazing gives way to real implementations, says Tom Loozen, managing director, global communications industry at Accenture.

Apple’s Pay traction

5 May 2015 in

Apple Pay is getting traction in the mobile payments space, largely at the expense of PayPal, with Apple the top choice in terms of mobile payment apps for consumers going forward.

OTT TV ad spend to spike

5 May 2015 in

Over-the-top television advertising will grow almost four-fold between 2015 and 2020, with OTT TV ad revenue totalling $40 billion in five year’s time, just under half of the projected $85 billion in total TV advertising spend, according to a new report from TDG.

EE phones take flight

27 April 2015 in

UK mobile operator EE is extending its own-brand smartphone range, following up on Kestrel and Eagle devices. In line with last year’s avian branding, EE has now rolled EE Harrier smartphoneout the Harrier (5.2 inch screen and 1.5Ghz processor) which comes in at under £200

Samsung’s bio-finance

23 April 2015 in

Samsung is rolling out a new fingerprint-authenticated mobile payment service together with local payment outfits KG Mobilians and KG Inicis in South Korea, with overseas launches in the pipeline.

Tuning in to Nissan

22 April 2015 in

Nissan and agency D2NA/DigitasLBi have launched a social challenge across Twitter and Facebook in the shape of the Sounds Of Performance experience.

Gimme native

21 April 2015 in Research

Close to six out of 10 UK online users aged under 34 have no issues with native advertising and will visit content that appeals to them even if has been obviously paid for/sponsored. This figure rises to 63% among those aged 18 to 24, according to a survey of millennials conducted by Adyoulike.

That street feeling

21 April 2015 in Music

Toyota has launched its Feeling the Street global street music initiative, a showcase for some of the world’s leading urban performers. The car maker is also giving the public a chance to vote for their favourite artists with a view to creating the ultimate ‘Global Street Band’.