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Understand me

28 July 2014 in -e.showcase

digital-consumerHeady stuff. Brands might well be turning their attention to people. And that’s because understanding the digital customer experience is one of the primary catalysts for businesses putting substantial investment into digital transformation, according to a new report from Altimeter Group. Plus, there’s a realisation that digital transformation is driven not only by technology… but also by customer behaviour.

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Only human

25 July 2014 in -e.showcase

humans versus dataIt’s hard to beat the human factor. Close to two-thirds of execs believe subjective issues which can’t be quantified – such as company culture and corporate values – increasingly make a difference when evaluating competing business proposals. Just 16% disagree with that. And, when choosing a company to do business with, 70% cite reputation as the most influential factor. Company culture is also a top driver, according to over half of executives surveyed by the Fortune Knowledge Group and gyro for the Only Human: The Emotional Logic of Business Decisions study.

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Make youth appy

24 July 2014 in

whatsappWhat turns youth off mobile apps? Well, two-thirds of 16-24s find advertising the biggest bugbear and they also cite apps which take too long to load (45%), too many push notifications (34%) and login requirements (30%) as other key reasons turn-offs. They keep an eye out for others’ views of apps too – 43% say that negative reviews will have an impact on whether they decide to download a particular app in the first place, according to new research from Voxburner.

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Mobile on top

23 July 2014 in

marketing mobileWhile over half of consumer goods and retail execs cite digital strategy for mobile/online platforms as top of mind for their brands over the next 12 months, one-third believe they are weak or have no capabilities in these areas, according to the Global Top of Mind survey from the Consumer Goods Forum and KPMG.

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On a binge

22 July 2014 in

breaking bad, twitter, tvOver half of TV binge viewers don’t consider themselves to be bingers at all, likely because they think it takes watching more than three episodes of a single TV show in a single sitting to be considered one. Drama and comedy are the biggest binger genres among US TV bingers, with CSI, Walking Dead and Breaking Bad the leading overdose shows, according to The Impact of Binge Viewing report from Annalect.

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FoodTube rules

21 July 2014 in

youtube-food-videoConsumers have a healthy appetite for cooking content on YouTube – nearly half of all adults watch food videos on the video website – but millennials watching 30% more foodie footage than other demographics. Plus, a huge 68% of millennial mothers purchase food products featured in the videos they view, while the same percentage also watch videos while they cook, according to research from Millward Brown Digital, Firefly and Google.

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Touchy feely data

18 July 2014 in -e.showcase

big-dataBig Data drives better decision making, with execs unlikely to make if a move if they can’t back it with the numbers. That’s the rather predictable take of the Economist Intelligence Unit in its Decisive Action: How Businesses Make Decisions & How They Could do it Better report. “Organisations that can use their data effectively to make decisions in this ever-changing and complex world will thrive; those that do not will perish,” the EIU says in its standard black-and-white take.

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Branded mobile

18 July 2014 in

carphone-warehouseThere’s clearly a move to own brand in the UK mobile market. Earlier this week, Vodafone rolled out the Vodafone-branded Smart 4 Turbo and Smart 4 Power 4G smartphones, targeting the cost-conscious consumer. That’s going head-to-head with EE which launched its EE Kestrel 4G handset in April. It’s based on a Huawei device and comes in at just under £100 a pop so is pretty competitive.

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Orange squeezes waste

28 July 2014 in

Orange has launched its fifth African mobile phone waste facility, locating it in Abidjan, Ivory Coast (Burkina Faso, Benin, Madagascar and Niger already have operations).

Portland shares with Airbnb

28 July 2014 in -e.showcase

Portland, Oregon will this week vote on an Airbnb-friendly law which would legalise short-term one- and two-bed rentals in private homes.

Bad ads

25 July 2014 in

Over 10% of online advertising impressions is fraudulent, with automotive (12%), fashion (12%) and education (11.

Same old iTunes

24 July 2014 in -e.showcase

iTunes 12 is out, but it’s not that different from iTunes 11 apart from a few new icons, plus a few new colours for old icons.

Lollapalooza goes wearable

24 July 2014 in -e.showcase

Lollapalooza 2014 is turning to wearable tech for its 2014 event which kicks off on 1 August, as attendees get to wear smart wristbands.

Brand Aldi

23 July 2014 in -e.showcase

Top UK brand? That would everyone’s favourite budget food retailer Aldi which has bumped BBC iPlayer off the top of YouGov’s mid-year Buzz Rankings.

MS takes out MixRadio

22 July 2014 in -e.showcase

Microsoft might be pretty busy laying off swathes of personnel but it is also finding time to spin off Nokia's MixRadio streaming music service, turning it into a standalone company.

Merc goes native on LinkedIn

22 July 2014 in

Mercedes-Benz has joined forces with social network LinkedIn to promote its 2015 C-Class line via a native advertising-style contest.