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Fighting fintech fear

26 October 2016 in Finance

Finntech fearClose to 60% of US consumers believe that traditional banks will cease to exist within their lifetime as they are failing to both meet customers needs and to innovate. A huge 75% of respondents to a Blumberg Capital survey say that fintech gives them more power over their finances, while two-thirds say fintech provides access to services previously available only to the wealthy and that such tech will help everyone be better off financially.

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Smart, by China

26 October 2016 in

China mobileThe main sources of future smartphone growth? Think India, along with other emerging markets such as Nigeria and Indonesia where adoption will be driven by ongoing declines in device costs and rising incomes. Expect several low-income countries – ie GDP/capita below $10,000 – to have smartphone take-up rates of 60–70% by 2020, similar to most advanced regions, according to the Global Mobile Trends report from GSMA Intelligence.

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Fashioning European fintech

25 October 2016 in Finance

Fintech europeThe European Fintech Alliance has had its first get-together in Berlin since setting up shop back in June this year. But while its primary aim is to supply first-hand information to its fintech-only members on relevant political and regulatory developments, it is also clearly on something of a Silicon Valley-inflected, crusading mission, writes Steve Mullins*.

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Kodak with a Bullitt

25 October 2016 in

Kodak smartphoneKodak may be out of the film stock business but it’s looking to make a mobile play with the launch of a new smartphone. The Ektra smartphone is targeting keen photographers with its 21 megapixel fast-focus camera with DSLR functionality and 4K video capture, along with a price tag of £499. The phone features a Super 8 app so that users can create videos in the style of old-fashioned Kodak film stock.

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Adding up the cost of ads

24 October 2016 in

Online adsFewer than half of online ads served in the UK managed to meet minimum viewability thresholds in the third-quarter, meaning that advertisers (though ultimately consumers) are spending £615 million for nothing at all. And this despite the fact that the threshold is set at an extremely low one second, according to a report from ad verification company Meetrics.

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Tesla outstrips drivers

24 October 2016 in transport

autonomous vehicleTesla has announced that all vehicles currently on its production line will have the requisite hardware for full self-driving capability. That means eight surround cameras with 360-degree vision, 12 ultrasonic sensors to detect both hard and soft objects at nearly twice the distance of its prior system, plus forward-facing radar capable of seeing through heavy rain, fog, dust ‘and even the car ahead’.

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The biz of Uber, Lyft

21 October 2016 in transport

LyftOver half of US business travellers in the third-quarter of this year used ride-hailing services, marking the first time that such offerings make up a majority of ground transport expenses, according to Certify metrics. Uber and Lyft snagged 52% of road transportation market share in the period, up from 49% in the previous quarter, and from 34% year-on-year.

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Facebook’s connecting flight

21 October 2016 in Innovation

Facebook AquilaWhat’s happening with Aquila, Facebook’s global connectivity play? asks Steve Mullins. The social network’s carbon fibre drone, which boasts an impressive 40-metre wingspan (think Boeing 737), took the air for the first time earlier this year for a 96-minute flight to great excitement, though the long-endurance craft has gone off the radar since and remains very much a Silicon Valley work-in-progress.

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Latest News

Google pops up in SoHo

24 October 2016 in -e.showcase

Google has launched a bricks-and-mortar, pop-up store in New York in SoHo, just a few blocks from Apple’s more permanent retail location.

Onside with Brexit

20 October 2016 in -e.showcase

Sports Interactive has built a Brexit variable into the latest version of its Football Manager video game.

No business for sharing

29 September 2016 in Sharing economy

Business travellers aren’t opting in to the sharing economy, with only little over one-quarter of them using offerings from such as Airbnb, Lyft and Uber

Bloody Booker book goes short

13 September 2016 in Publishing

Historical crime novel His Bloody Project: Documents Relating to the Case of Roderick Macrae by Graeme Macrae Burnet, published by indie house Saraband, has been shortlisted for the Man Booker prize.

Kickstarter heads east

2 September 2016 in Finance

US crowdfunding platform Kickstarter has opened local platforms in Hong Kong and Singapore, with entrepreneurs able to launch projects and raise finance directly in those markets.

Bot goes for gold

15 August 2016 in technology

The Washington Post is using a bot to support its news reporting on the Olympic Games.

The news is mobile

29 July 2016 in

Friday metric: News-content audiences have spiked 66% on mobile over the past three years, with digital newspapers having doubled their audiences across mobile devices.

Tech for culture

26 July 2016 in

The Google Cultural Institute has rolled out the Google Arts & Culture website and app featuring digital versions of the world’s cultural treasures.

3-in-1 for Africa

14 July 2016 in technology

Start-up watch: Italo-Spanish start-up Watly is testing its all-one electricity, clean water, and online services technology in Africa.

Bad, bad Brexit

8 July 2016 in technology

Global IT spending will be flat this year following the UK’s vote for Brexit. “With the UK’s [EU] exit, there will likely be an erosion in business confidence and price increases,” warns Gartner.