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Terminator x Xbox

3 July 2015 in

Paramount Pictures has partnered with Microsoft Advertising, and Skydance to launch an interactive digital advertising initiative for the release of Terminator Genisys. The trailer has been developed for Xbox 360 by Paramount and Microsoft to offer consumers a deep-dive into the film.

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Spotify baked in Sweden

2 July 2015 in Music

Sweden is the only country in the world which could have nurtured and sustained Spotify, the music streaming outfit’s CEO tells the FT. In 2006, record labels were losing billions globally thanks to Internet piracy, and nowhere was it worse than in Sweden. “We’re talking about a [Swedish music] market that back then had lost 90% of all of its revenue,” says Daniel Ek. “A total collapse.”

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Google on the Sidewalk

2 July 2015 in Innovation

Sidewalk Labs is on the march. Google’s ‘urban innovation’ outfit has made its first move to bring cutting-edge tech to the city with a punt on… municipal Wi-Fi. The vehicle is LinkNYC, a venture looking to convert old New York pay phones into public hotspots with superfast free connections, free phone calls, and free phone charging, plus digital displays for advertising (something has to support so much free).

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BBC Three edges towards online

2 July 2015 in

The BBC Trust has approved plans to take BBC Three online. In its provisional conclusions, the Trust says it estimates a new online service would save £30 million a year. It believes it will be more distinctive than the existing BBC Three channel, whose audience is currently falling. “Those aged 16 to 34 are already far more likely than any other group to use online video services, and the BBC is right to anticipate the need to serve this audience in new ways,” the Trust said.

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The programmatic march

1 July 2015 in Research

Programmatic spending on display ads across the Internet and mobile ran to £960 million in the UK last year, accounting for 45% of the format’s total. Programmatic came in just behind direct sales between publishers and buyers (49%), while only 6% were bought through ad networks (down steeply from 22% in 2013), according to the Media Owner Sales Techniques study from the IAB UK and MTM.

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Venturing with Linkin

1 July 2015 in Finance

The lure of easy money via overvalued tech outfits has proved too strong for the musicians of Linkin Park. The band has gone and launched a venture capital firm, Machine Shop Ventures, that will focus its investment efforts on early-to-growth-stage consumer-facing firms which also share Linkin Park’s ethos. What would that be? Think connecting people and innovation through technology and design.

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Spotify by numbers

1 July 2015 in Music

Music streamer Spotify has acquired Big Data outfit Seed Scientific, which counts the likes of Audi, Unilever and the UN among its clients. The company can also boast a music track record – it had Beats Music on its roster, until Apple stepped in and bought it last year. Spotify has made Big Data purchases too, having picked up the Echo Net for its number-crunching expertise.

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Branding with Da Kid

30 June 2015 in Music

WPP has cut a branded entertainment deal with songwriter/producer Alex Da Kid, who heads up Interscope Records label KIDinaKORNER. The new venture, KidinaKORNERCreate, will look to integrate music and content to help artists and brands develop ‘intimate relationships’ with new audiences they might otherwise be unable to reach.

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Latest News

Streaming spikes

3 July 2015 in Music

On-demand music streams totalled 135.2 billion in the US in the first half, up 92% on the mid-2014 figure – with video on-demand streaming led the way (up 110%).

TV Mail

3 July 2015 in is partnering up with US daytime talk show host Dr Phil McGraw to launch a new daily television series in the autumn.

Lobby music

30 June 2015 in Music

Universal Music Group is partnering with Marriott to launch a marketing partnership featuring exclusive performances by established and up-and-coming artists.

News by Instagram

29 June 2015 in

Instagram has begun leveraging the 70 million pieces of content posted each day on its social media platform to offer users coverage of current events.

PS games Spotify

29 June 2015 in Music

Consumers have downloaded the Spotify app over 5 million times to Sony PlayStation PS3 and PS4 devices since the streaming outfit became the PS official music partner at end- March

Streaming in Play

26 June 2015 in Music

One week after Apple launches its long-awaited Apple Music streaming service without an advertising-supported option, Google has rolled out a freemium, brand-backed version of its Google Play Music offering.

On overload

26 June 2015 in Research

Pity those poor millennials with digital overload, for they are the generation most likely to permanently disengage with brands if they receive high volumes of mass email communications.

Live energy

25 June 2015 in Music

Live music fans rely on energy drinks to keep them hyped at festivals, with over one-in-five consuming energy drinks – 32% more than the average consumer.

Not so smart homes

23 June 2015 in technology

The smart home is looking less clever to consumers as demand in May for connected home devices such as thermostats, lightbulbs, locks, sensors and cameras slipped below that of a year ago, according to Argus Insights.