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More than a touch of reality

29 September 2016 in technology

virtual realityIt’s proving a watershed year for virtual reality with consumer launches of Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Samsung Gear taking VR experiences beyond the hardcore gaming community and into everyday mobile and desktop browsers via 360 video. However, the extraordinary level of hype surrounding virtual reality means people expect to be knocked out by their first VR experience, even though it is still very much a nascent medium, according to the new IAB report, Is virtual the new reality? A market snapshot of VR publishing and monetization.

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Here now for traffic data

28 September 2016 in transport

Here trafic dataDigital maps outfit Here – formerly a Nokia unit but now owned by Audi, BMW, Audi and Daimler – is rolling out a real-time traffic information based on crowdsourced data collected from car manufacturers’ vehicles. That means regular updates on the road environment to provide drivers with insights on the likes of upcoming road hazards and parking space availability in cities.

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Firms seek London born-again vibe

28 September 2016 in Social

London tech officeLarge companies have to demonstrate to shareholders that they are re-inventing themselves to meet the challenge of tech disruption and many see moving their premises to a more vibrant part of town as means of getting a touch of innovation. And while a number of mature tech and media firms in London have already adopted the ‘born-again start-up’ strategy, it look likes more conservative firms are set to open innovation centres in the UK capital to stay ahead of disruptors, says Knight Frank in its Global Cities report.

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BandLab rolls with the Stone

27 September 2016 in Music

bandlabBandLab Technologies has taken a 49% stake in esteemed music mag bible Rolling Stone, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary. BandLab? It’s a Singapore-based start-up which bills itself as a social-music company and it operates a digital community for creating and sharing music. It will join forces with Rolling Stone to launch Rolling Stone International, a business to be headed up by Meng Ru Kuok, BandLab’s CEO and co-founder (and scion of one of Asia’s richest families).

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Brexit goodbyes

27 September 2016 in -e.showcase

Business BrexitMore than three-quarters of CEOs of the UK’s leading companies are considering moving either their headquarters or their operations outside Britain following the June Brexit vote. And, unsurprisingly, pretty much the same percentage of those execs voted to remain in the EU, according to a survey conducted by KPMG. Asked what would encourage them to continue investing in the UK, a majority ranked certainty over EU trade terms as the most important factor.

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UK cities suffering from innovation deficit

26 September 2016 in Innovation

uk innovation deficitThe UK’s cities are lagging behind European metros when it comes to skills, productivity and innovation. Nine out of 10 British cities come in below the European average in terms of productivity, more than three out of four have a lower proportion of high-skilled residents than the average, while only Cambridge and Oxford place in the European top 20 for innovation, according to a new report, Competing with the Continent, from Centre for Cities.

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Studios push into VR immersion

26 September 2016 in technology

Gnomes and Goblins VRSony Pictures is joining forces with immersive media outfit Reality One to develop, produce, and finance virtual reality content based on the film studio’s output, writes Steve Mullins. Sony Pictures says the move it part of its efforts to develop new audiences and new revenues from its content with high-quality, interactive storytelling. The studio is making a serious play here, having already rolled out virtual reality experiences based on Ghostbusters and The Walk.

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Beatles go with the Flow

23 September 2016 in Music

AI MusicScientists at the Sony CSL Research Laboratory have created what they claim are the first complete songs composed by artificial intelligence in the shape of Daddy’s Car and Mister Shadow. The lab workers say the songs are in the style of The Beatles, though there seems to be more than a touch of the Beach Boys about them. The two tracks are excerpts from an album composed by AI slated to be released in 2017.

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No business for sharing

29 September 2016 in Sharing economy

Business travellers aren’t opting in to the sharing economy, with only little over one-quarter of them using offerings from such as Airbnb, Lyft and Uber

Bloody Booker book goes short

13 September 2016 in Publishing

Historical crime novel His Bloody Project: Documents Relating to the Case of Roderick Macrae by Graeme Macrae Burnet, published by indie house Saraband, has been shortlisted for the Man Booker prize.

Kickstarter heads east

2 September 2016 in Finance

US crowdfunding platform Kickstarter has opened local platforms in Hong Kong and Singapore, with entrepreneurs able to launch projects and raise finance directly in those markets.

Bot goes for gold

15 August 2016 in technology

The Washington Post is using a bot to support its news reporting on the Olympic Games.

The news is mobile

29 July 2016 in

Friday metric: News-content audiences have spiked 66% on mobile over the past three years, with digital newspapers having doubled their audiences across mobile devices.

Tech for culture

26 July 2016 in

The Google Cultural Institute has rolled out the Google Arts & Culture website and app featuring digital versions of the world’s cultural treasures.

3-in-1 for Africa

14 July 2016 in technology

Start-up watch: Italo-Spanish start-up Watly is testing its all-one electricity, clean water, and online services technology in Africa.

Bad, bad Brexit

8 July 2016 in technology

Global IT spending will be flat this year following the UK’s vote for Brexit. “With the UK’s [EU] exit, there will likely be an erosion in business confidence and price increases,” warns Gartner.

Euros on alert

9 June 2016 in

Just ahead of the start of Euro 2016 football tournament, France has launched a mobile app aimed at alerting users to terrorist attacks.